Tuesday , August 3 2021

Momentary objects in Ekerö police are in place

Police have been alerted to a property on Ekerö in an area near Drottningholm Castle. Bomb-like objects have been found in the demolition of a house. Right now, experts from the police's national bomb shelter are in place to check the items.

– We got the alarm in the middle of the day. There were workers who worked with a house plot that had put the bucket in those there when they were digging up a house plot. I was told that it was under a concrete slab, and when you had removed that concrete slab and removed the masses, they showed up, says Ola Österling.

– I've seen pictures of them. They are clearly there in a pile of gravel.

What do these objects look like?

– It looks like old World War II bombs.

The police national bomb guard is on site to open the objects and investigate the contents.

– You have set up a radio car on the road that leads to this area because you do not have additional people in the area. So I think you may have talked to people in properties that are adjacent to the construction site, says Ola Österling.

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