Sunday , November 29 2020

Nightmare: Another horse sick at Skånsta

On its Facebook page, the association announces that a veterinary team was on site on Tuesday. The reason was to go through the farm's infection control solutions after the big outbreak of EHV-1.

The disease has now been ravaged since 19 January. Several horses have lost their lives and the situation is acute.

During Tuesday's update from Skånsta rider you can read:

"Today we have had a visit to a veterinary team that looked at our infection protection solutions on the plant. We have also reviewed our horses' records with the development of the disease, differences and influence. Besides this, we also had time to pick up a beautiful spicy horse from Ultuna and unfortunately also left a sick workmate in the same place. The two yesterday are still there, but under those circumstances they are relatively good. Tomorrow we hope it will become these warriors. "

Incredible concern

The riding school manager Ann Borglund has kept the public updated in the hell you are suffering from at Skånsta right now.

On February 4, she wrote the following:

"Previously, the disease has taken yet another of Skånsta Ryttar's stable horses. We are all very tired of body and soul, worry and fear eat up. To get an overview of the situation 50% of the horses have contracted EHV-1, of which 30% have received the neurological branch and 10% have died. I have taken advice from Germany and Ireland to stop the spread of infection, but it is not. We have new horses get sick every day. I hope and believe that anyone who sees how bad it cann go when an infection comes to visit in stables in the future think a little extra before he goes with his horse for competition, training for veterinarian or the like. Because there is no one who takes his horse from the stable if another horse has had fever for the last three weeks, or ??? All of us who bring us horses to different places must take greater responsibility for infection prevention! "

But there is a strip of light in the dark. Two of the hitherto affected horses have been allowed to come home and are said to be very attentive.

Ridenews has tried to reach the riding school for comment.

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