Wednesday , October 27 2021

Vida is sold to Canada – the deal worth 4 billion


The Canadian company, named Canfor Corporation, becomes the new main owner when they buy 70 percent of the shares in Vida. The remaining 30 percent will remain with the five current owners.

"They do not buy the whole but become a new big shareholder," says Vida's CEO Sante Dahl, to SVT Nyheter Småland.

According to him, Vida has known and exchanged experiences with Canfor Corporation for 20 years.

"They want to expand in Europe and this is their first acquisition in this endeavor," says Sante Dahl.

Sante Dahl says there is no risk that the Canadian company will buy Vida and then shut down the business.

"This is where the commodity exists and that's the big difference between other companies bought by foreign companies.

But there are also raw materials in Canada and the USA too?

"Yes, but not enough for their expansion," says Sante Dahl.

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