Wednesday , October 20 2021

Withings Pulse HR has three week battery life


There was a time called the 90's, when mobile phones did not have to be charged more than once a week. Yes, sometimes the battery could last for up to two weeks, even. That time is gone. The tacit mobile phones of the time are lucky as well, and replaced devices that remind you more about computers than about phones. The back side is of course that we have got used to charging them once a day. When it comes to activity bracelets, it's a little better set, but given the amount of screen and how little processor power they offer, you can still load them shamefully often. And few things are so outbreaking frustrating as an uncharged activity bracelet when you're in the process of training. Because of that, everyone knows: Training that you do not measure digitally has never really taken place.

Measures every possible workout

But French Withings, recently bought back by founder after belonging to Nokia for some time, has now released a training bracelet that keeps for quite a few turns of blood taint on the municipal slurry. It is about the Pulse HR device, which can handle up to 20 days on a charge, ie almost three weeks. This despite the fact that there is a bracelet that has both OLED screen and heart rate monitor. There is certainly no GPS built-in, but of course, something must be avoided in battery life. The band is waterproof down to 50 meters and can chart a variety of different types of workout. In addition, it charts how to sleep. The price is equivalent to SEK 1,300.

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