Saturday , January 16 2021

20 minutes – customs authorities stop illegal bus transport

Federal customs authorities (FCA) have stopped illegal bus transport in Switzerland. A criminal investigation was conducted against two bus companies. They have to pay tax of about CHF 645,000. Six people were charged.

The Court of Auditors had discovered a total of 926 prohibited land transport between autumn 2015 and autumn 2017, according to a press release Tuesday. The two bus companies resident in accordance with the German development cooperation (EZV) both at home and abroad, used 41 foreign buses.

No fixed route

The drivers would have failed when they entered Switzerland each to declare coaches. In addition, it was noted that the heavy truck was not always paid during a stay in Switzerland. The bus companies were not driven a fixed route in Switzerland, but different routes, an EZV spokesman said on request.

Due to violations of the Customs Act, the VAT Act and the Heavy Taxi Act, the two companies must now pay a tribute of 645,000 francs. The accused must also count on a sensitive punishment.

The non-registration of buses has created a competitive advantage over the Swiss transport companies, it says. They had to pay the fees for their buses when entering Switzerland. In addition, their buses must register in Switzerland.

Breach of cabotage ban

Domestic shipments with start and finish in Switzerland are considered land transport, so-called cabotage, in accordance with the Convention of 26. June 1990 on temporary admission (Istanbul Convention). Such transport is prohibited under customs legislation with unpaid vehicles. Inland transport is only permitted with vehicles paid and registered in Switzerland.

FCA did not provide additional information on the two coach companies concerned on request. An ECA spokesman merely pointed out that the two companies had their headquarters both in Switzerland and abroad. No more concrete information could be made for data protection purposes and also for the ongoing investigation.

FCA also points out that there are complaints about the customs investigation. Until a final judgment, the presumption of innocence is valid.

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