Monday , November 30 2020

Death Stranding is a crazy and complicated game

According to actor Norman Reedus, "Death Stranding" is a wild and complicated game. In addition, it is positive and at the same time scary.


Actor Norman Reedus has commented on "Death Stranding" and first called Hideo Kojima a genius. He also describes "Death Stranding" as a crazy and complicated game. Furthermore, the previous trailer has only scratched the surface of the title.

"It's a removed concept, and instead of eliminating everyone around you, it brings everyone together – it's a very positive video game, but it's also scary and depressing – it's a kind of new movie I've never seen before" , says Norman Reedus. "The trailers show you part of it, but not the whole picture of the game, it's like a completely different thing, it's complicated, it's a crazy complicated game."

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