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Even an promoter refuses to increase to six foreigners – News Sport: Ice Hockey

The leaders of the twelve national league clubs voted Wednesday morning about a possible increase in foreigners who were due. Specifically, they had to decide whether new six instead of currently four foreign players per game could be used from the coming season (2019/20). SC Bern and Geneva Servette had launched this initiative. First and foremost because of the overheating of labor costs, as SCB CEO Marc Lüthi had previously said. His idea: Through 24 additional places in the twelve clubs, the ever-spiral wage spiral for Swiss players should be stopped. The obligation for cheap foreigners can counteract development.

Now the application at the Solothurn league was rejected by 9: 3 votes clearly. As expected, the absolute majority (seven out of twelve votes) was not reached. In addition to Bern and Servette, Davos and Lausanne had previously been known as advocates of an increase, and all other NL representatives (Ambri-Piotta, Biel, Friborg, Lugano, Rapperswil-Jonas, SCL Tigers, ZSC Lions and Zug) announced their no, In the final vote, one of the two applicants was also released with Servette.

Denis Vaucher, director of the league, spoke of a "clear decision". Vaucher said: "The tradition has won. We have a well-balanced league in Switzerland. We are on the right track. There was no need to change the number of foreigners now."

"Unfortunately, conservatism has won"

Already in the summer, the league set rejected an increase in an advisory vote. In Switzerland, the rule that four foreigners can be used per game, since 2007. Previously, NLA had played for two seasons with five mercenaries; before it had always been less. By the end of the 2006/07 season, only two Swiss were in the top 20 of the target list. With the decrease to four foreigners there were five, currently there are eight.

The circuits that would have wished to increase among foreigners wanted to counteract the increased supply of players' demand, thus lowering prices for average Swiss players. "Unfortunately, conservatism has won," says SCB CEO Lüthi, who launched the application and strongly opposed it. Lüthi got a bit disappointed: "It's a shame that the clubs were not ready to take the opportunity. But just because of the discussions that have now been blown up, it was still worth driving.

Discussions now include a reduction in the number of players on the match disc (21 instead of 23) and transfer restrictions for young players.

New bullying from December 18th

The Bundesvergadering approved an adaptation of the former bullying system. So far, a player whose crew made an incorrect bullying was sent away from the so-called face. This resulted in a game breakdown and inhibited the flow of the game. From December 18th (after the international break), the team is performing an incorrect Bully but still warned, but the player is no longer sent by the judges. A team that in turn will perform an incorrect bully immediately after a warning will be punished with a penalty of 2 minutes. This rule adjustment is already in the Champions Hockey League already on the train.

In addition, the league published the distribution of the TV funds for the 2019/2020 season. "Thanks to the new TV agreements with UPC and SRG, an average of 35.4 million francs per year has entered Swiss ice hockey since the previous season until 2022," the press release says. The payment of funds is progressive. "In the coming years, media revenues will amount to 33.4 million Swiss francs (2,625 million more than the year before). These additional revenue goes to the clubs 100% – according to the usual distribution key, the extra income is distributed in the ratio 86/14 (NL / SL).


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