Tuesday , August 3 2021

Helene Fischer & Thomas Seitel: Death Shakes Young Happiness

Schlagerqueen Helene Fischer and dancer Thomas Seitel hover on cloud nine for almost a year. But now dark clouds are rising. A death has shaken young happiness deeply.

And suddenly everything was different. Just a few weeks ago, Thomas Seitel spoke in an interview about his beloved grandparents. Now the man on the side of Helene Fischer has to carry her grandmother Margareta to the grave, who died on July 31 in her hometown of Eppertshausen.

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The fresh-loving couple who so far enjoyed life happily will now be plagued by bitter grief. Certainly a heavy stress test for the two. However, Helene is with her Thomas in this difficult situation and even accompanied him to the forest cemetery in Happens Eppertshausen, as "Bunte" reported. Hand in hand, the two should have attended the ceremony.

Nevertheless, the otherwise otherwise healthy world has suffered a tear …

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