Sunday , March 7 2021

Huvuddator Manuel Akanji goes viral with his talent

33 × 97? Since Manuel Akanji can figure out something in three seconds he is now viral

Manuel Akanji currently convinces not only the Bundesliga leaders Borussia Dortmund. Mittbacken put a stop to the sport's panorama on Sunday evening – and also knew how to shine there. The SRF presenter Rainer Maria Salzgeber asks a spectator to choose two numbers between 11 and 99, which will multiply Akanji in his head. Salzgeber tries to get faster with the calculator than Akanji without tools.

"24 × 75", says the studio writer – and even before Salzgeber will write, Akanji blows out: "1800, that was easy." The calculator then confirms the result.

Salzgeber urges the spectator to take a little more difficult speech. "33 × 97", it should be this time. Akanji must brainstorm short and then know just before Salzgeber and the counter: "3201". Of course, this result is correct.

Franck Ribéry kisses the little little head of Manuel Akanji. Image: EPA

Salzgeber is impressed and asks Akanji why he could do it. "It's a lot of workouts, numbers fascinated me even at school," explains the Wiesendangen defender near Winterthur. "The teacher organized many competitions that I've always won. I've always started counting on car signs too. Do not ask me why."

The performance of Akanji has impressed fans around the world so much that the textual video is now viral. Twitter, Reddit and Co. spread the happy news that not all football players are as limited as the cliché says. (Zap)

Football players can also be fun:

Another Swiss who impresses the Bundesliga:

Departures in the FC Basel in the Bundesliga

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