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Ikea will soon offer a furniture subscription in Switzerland

Updated February 06, 2019, 15:44

Do you still buy or borrow? This could soon be called the new advertising slogan in Ikea in Switzerland. The Swedish furniture store will try a furniture subscription later this month.

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Ikea is trying to jump on the sharing trend. As the Swiss "Handelszeitung" reported, the furniture chain wants to test a new model soon. For a month, the Swedish company wants to offer furniture in Switzerland as a subscription.

"We want to work with partners so that customers can only rent their furniture in the future, and when the loan period is over, they can return the furniture and get another piece of furniture," says Torbjorn Loof, head of Inter Ikea, the fire holder of Ikea, to Financial Times.

The background for the new concept is the increasing environmental awareness of consumers. "Instead of throwing furniture, we renovate it and then sell it or rent it out, which extends the life cycle of the product," Loof says.

First step: Office furniture for businesses

They wanted in the first test phase to offer "scalable subscription services" for different types of furniture. One of the first offers is the rental of office furniture such as desks or chairs for businesses and businesses.

Second step: kitchens?

Another interesting area that the concept could be extended to is the rental of kitchens.

Ikea believes that the kitchen is a particularly exciting space format: "I can constantly renew and adapt my subscription model kitchen, for example by renewing the closet door without having to replace the entire set-up," Loof says.

Also interesting for the Swedish furniture store is the aspect that the returned old furniture can be recycled for production. According to Loof, some materials such as wood, metal, foam and textiles must again be reprocessed. (The)
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