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of 10.11.2018 17:26

Damon Hill, 1996 World Champion, says about Sebastian Vettel: "For Germany it's personal. He wants to create a positive end to Ferrari season, with victories in Brazil and Abu Dhabi.

Sebastian Vettel did the best time in the third free training session of the Brazilian Grand Prix: fastest time before Lewis Hamilton. For Damon Hill, who became Formula One World Champion in 1996, it is clear: "What happens next is that personal to Sebastian Vettel. He knows exactly how important it is that he and Ferrari finish the season on a positive note, best with wins in Brazil and Abu Dhabi. It's not just about holding the opportunity in the Constructors Cup against Mercedes, it's also about winning a good end of the season next year. I know a great determination from Vettel. "

The 22-time GP winner from England, today one of the most beautiful Formula 1 experts in the paddock, serves for British Sky: "For the final game, I see a duel at the highest level between Ferrari and Mercedes-Benz. Especially in this long Uphill to the beginning and end, you need steam and the two Red Bull Racing drivers just do not have it. Verstappen and Ricciardo are in the curvy center of the music, but they lose too much time in the power lines. "

Surprising: For the first time since Monza 2017 on Friday, Valtteri Bottas showed himself as the fastest of a free practice. Damon Hill: "People have not forgotten how Valtteri had to make way for Hamilton back in Russia. Many would be very happy if Bottas had a sense of accomplishment, and he himself is keen to show that he is not only a water carrier and can Leave Hamilton behind the qualification. It will not be easy. Lewis is the outstanding man of his generation, and he's about to remove Michael Schumacher's one or two other items. "

Damon Hill continues: "The fans should pay attention to what happens in the intermediate sector with the pilots. If you have a backwind, it's easy to block the wheels there, there are some bumps in the field, and then all the efforts are gone. Interlago's round is pretty short you can not compensate for such an error. "

Sebastian Vettel drove ten times in the third free training this season, but he managed only one pole position during the past twelve GP weekends – at the end of July in Hockenheim.

Damon Hill: "It would be too easy to say that Vettel is forward just because of the strong Ferrari engine. Even though we see from the hard times Haas and Sauber, how much power does the Italian engine have, but Ferrari can do more. lies in the curvy center as a board.The car is also excellent on the edge and shows solid braking stability. Vettel manages with minimal steering movements. I also think Sebastian Vettel can drive even faster. In some places he is not as scavenged over the edges as you do on a fast turn. "

Will a team try to speed up a rider thanks to the windshield of his stable mate? Damon Hill: "We tried it on my day, but it's very difficult. Because both drivers have to work perfectly, and for the front man, slipstream sensors, the next round is as good as destroyed.

What does Hill explain to his English farmer Lewis Hamilton? Damon: "At Mercedes, we saw how the super soft tires blow in continuous driving, have also lost time due to an oil leak Lewis. Overall, Silver Arrows has not been as strong as Ferrari. Also in Mexico there had been a problem with the tires. Brazil has Pirelli corrected tire pressure. I can imagine Mercedes has more problems with the fine tuning than Ferrari. And with these cars, the vote is incredibly sensitive, because everything has to fit. But Lewis has the gift, apparently from nowhere to drive a pole position lap. getting exciting! "

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