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Kloten: «NHL is not waiting for veterans»


"Jusa!" Calling assistant coach Waltteri Immonen in the cottage. That he uses a nickname and does not ask for Jussi shows that the two have not known each other since yesterday. Waltteri Immonen "was a legend on Jokerit, says Jussinen about Kloten's assistant coach. And Immonen also belonged to the Finnish national team's coaching staff in the last winter. And that's why Jokin's agent called Immonen this fall and asked if he had no solution One problem: "The jokin needs training." The Immon could offer something in consultation with the club. So it happened that the wing opened with more than 1000 NHL games after Kloten in the Swiss League adventure.

His goal is clear: "I hope to find another place in an NHL team," said the wing. Until the middle or end of January 2019, the applicant wants to give time. He knows it's not easy. "NHL loves the young players, they do not wait for the veteran." Jokinen is 35 years since April 1 this year. In the training in Detroit, he did not make it in the squad this autumn. Most of all, the red wings were looking for defenders. But he does not want to leave it as an excuse. "If you can not do that, you're just not good enough."

In travel mode

Last winter, Jokinen made headlines that not everyone likes to read. He became one of only four players to appear in four different NHL teams during a season. Edmonton, Los Angeles, Columbus and Vancouver were his stations. The family always stayed in Florida. He is also traveling this year. From Detroit, he returned to Florida, where he trained in the name of Olli Jokin's Academy, now he is in Kloten. Where will it be after December 5 when his contract in Kloten expires?

The tax issue

If it does not work with NHL, he would like to play in a European club. Probably not in the second league in Switzerland, but in the National League or Sweden. Or Finland.

If he were to go back there now and play it would be extremely expensive. Taxes on NHL wages would probably be over 50 percent. Not from this year, but from the whole career that began in 2005 in Dallas. That's what Finnish tax law wants. Shorter stays, on the other hand, are without bad consequences. Oulun Kärpät can be an opportunity for Jokinen from January. He started his career there and at least he holds a (small) share in the club.

Social involvement

Kalajoki in northern Ostrobothnia is famous for its sandy beaches, Jussi Jokinen is the most famous athlete from the village near Oulu. And like almost all Finnish NHL players, he also feels guilty of returning home, so he feels a need to give something back. "I've earned enough money under 13 years of North America," he says. Jussi Jokinen All Stars, who compete against JHT Kalajoki (junkkarit hockey team) every summer, has been around for 8 years. Pekka Rinne, Sebastian Aho, Brothers Mikael and Markus Granlund, Patrik Laine, Jesse Puljujärvi and, of course, Jokinen led the star competition in 2018, two famous Finnish bands appeared. "And we could surrender about 60,000 euros to the club."

Together with Pekka Rinne, Roman Josie goalkeeper in Nashville, he also runs a golf tournament. The revenue of 65,000 € this year was used to buy sports equipment for minors.

Nine penalty in a row

The clothing number 36, which he wears at NHL, in the national team and also in Kloten, accompanies him since the NHL debut. "I was not a first round draft, I had to take what was left," reminds Jokinen, whose number in Finland was 8. In Dallas, he quickly created a Penaltyspezialist's reputation. The nine first NHL attempts were all successful, he was only stopped by one. ,, Finnish goalkeeper (Vesa Toskala).

"I have my two three tricks," laughs Jokinen. And immediately gives a normal explanation why he was so successful. "In Finland, the penalty was already introduced two years earlier, so I had a start." Since 2005 only the first Penalties were shot in NHL.

Beside Malkin

But even years later, Jokinen was still a sure bet in this discipline. When playing for Pittsburgh for the first time in 2013, he made the only goal for the team – and the only goal in the penalty game. It was enough to win against Rangers. This also gave him a place in the line with Yevgeny Malkin, one of the best centers. He scored 57 points (21 goals) in the first season. "It was a special year, probably my best in NHL. I'm in the same team as Sidney Crosby and Malkin!"

Jokinen still has record of history's latest NHL goals in games that did not go overtime. In 2009, he made for Carolina against New York Island's winning goal to 4: 3 after 59: 59.8, then 0.2 seconds before the final siren struck. (Zurich Lower Countries)

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