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Mail eliminates telecom agents in branches – News Economy: Business

Could it be a mobile subscription from Swisscom or Salt, a cash card from Sunrise or even a new smartphone from the Chinese manufacturer Huawei? Users no longer need to visit a telecom operator's shop or mobilezone to get such products. You can access them by placing a letter or package in a post office.

The Swiss mail offers a wide range of telecom in their branches. It is part of the federal company's consulting business to improve profitability in its business – so far.

While Raiffeisen banks investigate entry into the sale of telecom products, the business is red with smartphones and mobile subscriptions in the post office. Last year, the yellow giant went to a loss of FRF 22.7 million.

Internal paper informs managers

The reason why postal customers need to get telecommand in the stores is small. The sales data in overall view is therefore unsatisfactory. This shows an internal paper available for this magazine. The document is aimed at all senior executives in the post division, with almost 1200 offices being subordinate.

In principle, Swiss Post wants to stick to the telecom representative. "Despite the difficult market environment, telecommunications products should continue to be part of third-party product range in post offices," said mail carrier François Furer on request.

However, the company has decided on various measures like "we want to move out of the loss council", as it is in internal paper. Most importantly, Post in 600 stores differs from this business. The reference is that post offices selling less than one telecom product per day must remove the offer. The output is shifted to the end of the year. The influences include BE, Grellingen BL and Niederweningen ZH.

Narrow telecom buddy in the test

Swiss Post expects this step does not lead to any direct cuts in the affected affiliates. Sales of telecom products are just a small part of the work, is the reason. At Syndicom you rub your eyes anyway. "It's amazing," says Unionist Christian Capacoel. "For years, Post has pushed its employees in the branches to generate more revenue in the telecom sector – just to find that this offer is not worthwhile."

As a second measure, Swiss Post is currently testing a narrower telecom representative in 20 selected German-Swiss branches. These include the locations Belp BE, Uster ZH and Birsfelden BL. The products of the major Swiss brands Swisscom, Sunrise and Salt disappear completely there. Instead, the company is dependent on the low-cost brands of Swiss mobile operators such as M-Budget (Swisscom), Yallo (Sunrise) and The Subscription (Salt).

The consideration behind it is obvious: it takes less effort for advice, because the low prices on the entry level coincide with small frills. And the post office also says goodbye to equipment sales.

"The planned concentration on fewer telecom products helps to place the remaining products even better."Rolf Ziebold
Sunrise spokesman

Swisscom has learned that Swiss Post has already taken offers from the Swiss market leader from the assortment. Swisscom spokesman Sepp Huber confirms on request: "Together with Swiss Post, we decided not to sell Swisscom products through Swiss Posts branches at the end of August 2018." Sales data have decreased in recent years.

Sunrise spokesman Rolf Ziebold says that number two on the Swiss mobile communications market welcomes Swiss Posts decision: "The planned concentration on fewer telecom products helps to place the remaining products even better." Salt did not react.

The adjustment of the Telecom range is ongoing, says Postspeaker Furer. This process is "not yet completed". He notes that customers can still charge prepaid SIM cards in all self-service branches.

Tested with paid service at the stores

Similarly, the post office wants to know how customers respond to paid services in the test branches. The introduction of the smartphone, installation of apps and transfer of data from the old phone is recharged.

In addition to the new sales model, Post and mobile operators agreed also for higher compensation for the yellow giant. If the test is successful, Swiss Post wants to introduce the new service throughout Switzerland in mid 2019.


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