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Olympia 2020 and its pitfalls – Tokyo, battling heat and fecal bacteria – sports

Olympia 2020 and its pitfalls – Tokyo fights with heat and fecal bacteria – Sport – SRF

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High temperatures and polluted waters affected Tokyo's test matches before the 2020 Summer Games.

Swimmers come out of the water in Tokyo


(Still) no pleasure

The quality of the water in the competition places in the Gulf of Tokyo leaves something to be desired.

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The problem is still known from the last Olympic Games in Rio: Also in the Brazilian metropolis, the water at the competition places was completely polluted.

The situation is similar in Tokyo. In a water quality check at Odaiba Marine Park, the level of faecal bacteria far exceeded the allowable limit. A para triathlon test before the Paralympics 2020 was therefore only conducted as a duathlon.

As a measure against the high E. coli concentration, Olympic organizers now want to put more filter screens in the Gulf of Tokyo.

Sunstroke by triathlon

The high temperatures also cause bad luck. In the women's triathlon on Thursday, the track had been shortened from 10 to 5 kilometers due to heat and high humidity. Cassandre Beaugrand (Fr) had to be taken to the hospital to get a sunbath after the competition.

Due to the heat, there were also events in Tokyo at the World Junior Championships in rowing and boating competitions among spectators and participants.

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