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PUBG: First quality improvements, then new content


PUBG: First quality improvements, then new content

After earlier rumors, it has been official for a few days: "PUBG" will be released in December for PlayStation 4 on the market. Shortly after the announcement of this version, the developers belonged to the official side of the shooter's future.

First, PUBG Corp. Finished the "Fix PUBG" campaign to improve key areas of the game, launched in August 2018. But in the coming year, developers want to focus on the stability and quality of the title.

Developers have thought about mistakes

Executive producer Taeseok Jang said in an open letter that they had thought of the mistakes made in the studio and overlooked many of the issues that were of major importance to the players.

During the open letter, Jang also commented on the improvements planned during the "Fix PUBG" campaign, which would also benefit buyers of the upcoming PS4 version. These include:

  • Deliver the best possible gaming experience through optimization of client and server performance
  • Make sure it's fair game with more efficient anti-cheat solutions with all available funds
  • Faster and faster matchmaking through enhanced matchmaking logic
  • Solve bugs that worsen the experience while using long-term QOL enhancements

"During this campaign, one of our primary goals was optimization focusing on a smooth and seamless gaming experience, especially in some game situations that can affect your chances of winning and losing seriously (eg early fighting for parachute crashes, close, fight it last) blue zone etc.), "says it on the official page.

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In the end, the team tries to find the right balance in matchmaking. This includes providing better information about the matchmaking queue and allowing participants to make the best choice at their discretion.

Quality over quantity

Finally, manufacturers emphasize that in "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" quality should first be improved before new content is launched. "When we designed the 2019 PUBG Roadmap, we changed our direction from last year. Improved stability and quality are now our main approach. Based on this, we will create a new Battle Royale game and new content, say it in the last word.

And further: "First, it will probably slow down our building rhythm. But as these processes become more efficient, we hope to deliver new content as quickly as possible while maintaining our new stability and quality goals. While we can not say how long it takes , we promise that we will strive to reach this stage as soon as possible. "More details on this topic are available on the official website.

Information about console releases will be available soon

Some words also disappeared for console versions: "The Xbox and PlayStation developments will be parallel to the computer and will continue to focus on giving our console players a refined game service to ensure the best experience." More details, dedicated to the console versions, should follow.

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