Saturday , March 6 2021

Rorschach: Eritrean attack by several men

Several men suddenly attacked a 45-year-old Eritrean Saturday. The offense happened during the night Saturday in Rorschach SG on the main road, the height of the Swisscom store. They hit him in the neck, after which he fell to the ground. Then he was hit with further blows all over his body.

A 33-year-old passerby perceived the situation and came to the aid of the lying Eritrean. As a result, the unknown pursuit fled, but remained nearby. The helping man led the wounded person to the other side of the street. Meanwhile, one of the waves went after the two.

Helpers attacked by group

There was a curvature in the middle of the street. The injured man was able to free himself and reported bleeding at the police station.

The argument in the streets, meanwhile, continued: Meanwhile, returning perpetrators were involved. They hit the 33-year-old helper lying on the ground. Later, they fled toward the city railway station.

Police are looking for eyewitnesses

The Eritreans and his assistant had to be treated out-of-hospital in the hospital. According to statements, passersby were present who were able to observe the quarrels.

Why it came to the attack is unclear. Police spokesman Hans-Peter Krüsi tells LÄG that you do not know how the attack was saved. The canton police are therefore looking for witnesses who can say anything about the attack. Information can be given at Rorschacher police station under telephone number 058 229 61 30. (PMA)

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