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So Amherd and ZweiGGG triumphed – Switzerland: Standard

Bundesrat ticket on CVP is a disavowal: Surprisingly, it is next to the favorite, Valais National Councilor Viola Amherd. Uri Prime Minister Heidi ZGGGGG made it the second place as a third party. This leaves German parliamentarians Peter Hegglin (ZG) and Elisabeth Schneider-Schneiter (BL) out of the race, although they are much better known in Bern than ZGG.

The votes in the faction were a triumph for the two winners and devastating to the losers: According to reliable sources, Amherd made an initial vote by 25 of 36 votes immediately the absolute majority. In a second poll ZGGGG came with 19 votes, Hegglin came to 11 votes, Schneider-Schneiter landed with 6 votes in final place.

Most observers had expected that the Basel Tenderer would not succeed in the nomination. She attributed her defeat to her origins: "The Baselbiet is not a CVP homeland." The appointment would have the mountain areas to prevail, said the cabinet minister. Tenor in the fraction is different: Schneider-Schneiter lacks the format of the highest political office.

Z & # 39; graves must score in advance for right parties

Particularly painful to them is the fraction of a pure women's ticket of the national barely known ZGGGGEN preference. Crucial to the success of Urnerin's executive experience and her political profile may have been: The Zebra is considered conservative and civic as Amherd.

But it was not only right CVPers who had arguments to count on ZGGGGGG as their second candidate. Romani politicians were also politicized and presided over the federal nature and homeland commission – allowing it to be selected on the left. In the Amherd camp there are also considerations according to which a second, politically unclear woman in the Wallisan community of the League could be less dangerous than the clearly bourgeois Hegglin.

However, whether this calculation works is open. For the sake of their lesser-known positioning, they can ultimately benefit the ZG. This gives her space to position politically in the coming weeks that she could most help in the election. If the ZGG wants to stand out of her rival, she must score in the right-hand side – Amherd is currently favored by the central left.

Pfister removes Twitter message

In fact, after her nomination, ZGGG emphasized her economy-liberal side: she was "very business-friendly", arguing for "moderate tax" and, as a central Swiss citizen, also saw "the benefits of tax competition".

The fact that the right side has a sympathy for the ZGG, also indicates a coarser communication distribution with the CVP President Gerhard Pfister, who himself is counting on this wing. Shortly after the nomination decision of CVP, a Swiss SVP politician cheated on Twitter that the Zebra was a "cool woman chosen as chosen" – and asked, "Has not Amherd already surrendered?" A publicly visible response came only from Party Leader Pfister, who wrote back: "Soon, but a damper for VA." VA – this is Viola Amherd.

Screenshot of tweet by Gerhard Pfister.

Soon after, Pfister published his message, which was obviously not intended for the public. Later he said in online medium "Nau", his tweet had been a "prescriber". In fact, he would comment: "No damn for Viola Amherd."

At least, it was not possible for their opponents in the faction with Peter Hegglin to celebrate Amherd. Although it was expected that CVP would consider a man, at least on the ticket, because the party had been with a woman for the last twelve years Bundesrat was represented. But Zuger lacked the necessary support both in the party and in parliament. From his canton, where he had served as Finance Director for thirteen years, extremely critical voices were announced, which denied him his political stature for the federal council.

No chance for a three-ticket

Hegglin himself was disappointed and said that he had the wish that a woman's ticket was injured. In addition, his positions on national financial equalization would have cost him sympathy for slave cantons. His candidature could have been afraid if CVP had chosen a three-way ticket: in that case, Zuger would have been on ticket number three. However, only a few votes were received in the parliamentary group – including party leader Gerhard Pfister, who comes from Zug as Hegglin.

The duel Z & # 39; graggen against Amherd now promises excitement to the election day. From today's perspective, Amherd is favorite in the finals, but a choice Z & G; Graggens is anything but excluded. Just because she is less known than Amherd, her impressions in the other groups' hearings will be crucial.

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