Saturday , March 6 2021

Tesla canceled larger order from NextMove, "Servicehölle">

German rental company NextMove is taking significantly less Tesla Model 3 in its fleet than planned. By the end of 2018, the company had ordered 100 from Stromer, but of the first 15 vehicles delivered in the spring of 2019, only one in four new cars were defective, some of them even partially unable to drive.

"Tesla has apparently arrived in service hell," said NextMove CEO Stefan Moeller. An agreement originally made with the German branch had taken back the American company. Then Tesla NextMove set a 24-hour ultimatum, canceling the order of 85 other vehicles worth around five million euros.

During the summer months, NextMove tried to acquire four more Tesla Model 3 regularly over the Internet. "The result was that it was proven that Tesla could offer new vehicles that were already approved for private use," says Moeller. The purchase of these vehicles would have meant that NextMove would not have been eligible for "environmental bonus" promotion nor would it be able to claim VAT as an input tax to the tax office. "For leasing companies, it's already because Tesla's volatile pricing policy already has a high risk of financing Tesla vehicles," said the e-rental company.

In recent months, they have repeatedly informed their own customers that there are difficulties with Tesla's deliveries. "We have repeatedly offered to terminate long-term leases or have rented other vehicles at a discounted price," says Moeller. Now is the time to talk publicly about what happened in the background between Tesla and NextMove.

"Partially serious deficiencies"

According to the company, Model 3, which NextMove should have taken over after payment and only a brief assessment, had "partly serious defects" on: Defective tires, paint and body damage, faulty charge control, incorrect harnesses or missing emergency call buttons. Such quality defects would have jeopardized customer safety and the economy of NextMove, the landlord emphasizes.

All this shows that Tesla is "in a service hell". "One is not willing or able to deliver vehicles to a large fleet operator like us without serious flaws," says Moeller. “We do not know if we are an isolated case or whether we are generally dealing with business partners. We are very sorry. But in the end, we just put pressure on adhering to market quality standards and processes to protect our tenants and our business model. "

Earlier, there were difficulties with repairs to Tesla vehicles. NextMove has been waiting for over two years for the promised new seat of a Model X, which then came with a hole. For three months, a Model 3 with accident damage cannot be rented because a new fender is not available. There are also Tesla customers whose vehicles are no longer safe to drive without their fault, but neither per. Phone or customer service email reach anyone.

“We know that Tesla had to overcome some of the biggest challenges when deliveries started in Europe and China at the same time. But in the meantime, processes need to be established that will not only deliver every four vehicles without any deficiencies, ”Moeller emphasizes. "Although we consider the Model 3 to be the best electric car in the world today, we now strongly believe that other manufacturers with competitive vehicles will come to market next year – and also know what customer service means. But of course, we will also test again and again , if Tesla can get out of service hell. "

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