Sunday , March 7 2021

The Bern City Council debate is sinking in the chaos of votes

The Bernt parliament met exceptionally not Thursday in the town hall – but in the Ostermundigen. In the evening there was a debate on funds for a bicycle campaign on the agenda. However, the debate ended with a violence, as the Green City Council Luzius Theiler writes on Twitter.

The reason was a vote on additional funds for a three-year cycling campaign: Because the electronic voting system was lacking in the hall in Ostermundigen, the votes had to be counted by hand. As in good old times. But it didn't work at all, as Theiler writes: The ballots did not agree on who should count which table.

The bourgeois side understood the dispute differently: The Left could not have realized it had lost a vote on a bicycle campaign credit. "You also have to lose," writes FDP politician Claudine Esseiva.

Maurice Lindgren of the Young Green Liberals described the chaos as "historic, disastrous, superficial."

The reason: Leftists wanted to iron out a mistake from the year 2017. At that time, the City Council approved 350,000 francs for a three-year cycle campaign, but did not initially request 750,000 francs. The GFL / PPE group had wrongly approved a draft bill, as it turned out later.

Only one vote was successful

On Thursday, the loan of the remaining 400,000 francs was available. The matter was highly controversial in the Council. There were requests for non-initiation and reduction.

At first, it did not appear that the Council wanted to enter the company by casting a vote. But then it turned out that it was unclear with the narrators who they had to count accurately. It was followed by several repetitions, reconsiderations, high debates and lots of orders.

At one point, the parliamentarians seemed to have enough. An application was made to cancel the meeting – successfully: 33 voted in favor, 28 against. This was the only unbroken result of well-debated cynical writing by the Swiss Depechen agency. (Pma / nim / SDA)

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