Tuesday , March 2 2021

The lifts are back to success

ICE HOCKEY – Ambri-Piotta faces Lugano for the first derby win after six defeats. Levents are generally back to success by 2: 1 after Penaltys.

Ambri had lost five times in a row and four of them after a temporary management. Ten-day national team game recovered lost energy. The Levents offered the Cantonal Valley until the end of the forehead and they had better options in the long run. 18 seconds before the penalty shootout Patrick Incir failed Elvis Merzlikin's solo.

The next three duels with Ambri players lost the Lugano goalkeeper. Dominik Kubalik, Bryan Lerg and Marco Müller passed their penalty to Merzlikins. Meanwhile, Lugano met only his first two shooters.

The two goals in regular time had fallen in the first third. PostFinance's top scorer Gregory Hofmann made Lugano the 4th minute. Adrien Lauper was leveled off after 128 minutes after passing from any match winner Müller.

Ambri-Piotta – Lugano 2: 1 (1: 1, 0: 0, 0: 0, 0: 0) n.P.

6118 spectators. – SR Wiegand / Lemelin, Castelli / Cattaneo. Goal: 4th Hofmann (Vauclair) 0: 1. 18. Lauper (Müller) 1: 1. – Penalty: Kubalik 1: 0, Klasen 1: 1; Story 2: 1, Fazzini 2: 2; Müller 3: 2, Reuille -; Dwarg -, Hofmann -; Plastino -, Haapala -. – Penalty: 3 times 2 minutes against Ambri; 5 times 2 minutes to Lugano. – PostFinance top scorer: Kubalik; Hofmann.

Ambri-Piotta: Manzato / Conz (from 21st); Plastino, Dotti; Fischer, Guerra; Ngoy, Jelovac; Kienzle; Lerg, Müller, Kubalik; Trisconi, Kostner, Incir; Hofer, Novotny, Zwerger; Lauper, Goi, Kneubühler; Mazzolini.

Lugano: Merzlikiner; Chiesa, Chorney; Ulmer, Wellinger; Loeffel, Vauclair; Tear; Haapala, Sannitz, Hofmann; Walker, Romanenghi, Joerg; Dario Bürgler, Morini, Klasen; Fazzini, Reuille, Bertaggia.

Notes: Lugano without Ronchetti, Cunti, Lapierre, Sartori (all injured) and Lajunen (sick). Ambri without Bianchi, forums, D & # 39; Agostini, Pinana (all injured). – Pfostenschüsse Hofmann (2nd), Hofer (43.). – Timeout Ambri (62.)

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