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The prince of Monaco is in need of explanation – Football leaks

He is not there anymore. Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev left his adopted country Monaco a week ago in the direction of Moscow. Return: Indeterminate. The day before, the Monegasy judiciary had begun an official investigation of Rybolovlev, partly because of corruption. The case reaches directly to the highest sphere of the Mediterranean. The claims are so serious that Prince Albert II did something that has the greatest rarity: He gave an interview.

For years, Rybolowlew was very welcome in Monaco. His entrance ticket to the Furstendömet was the cash injections for the local football club. He took over AS Monaco 2011, invested several hundred million euros in new players and took the club back to the top of the league. At the same time, Rybolovlev secured the loyalty of the Monegasy institutions – court, police, politics, priesthood – with expensive gifts and invitations to important representatives.

But now, Prince Albert II distanced himself in an interview with the journalist collective EIC from Rybolowlew: "We must now get the court to work. If everything turns out to be true, I think he will retreat." A defense sounds different.

The interview came after Princely House was confronted with new insights from the leaky football leaks that "Der Spiegel" had shared with EIC. Tamedia is the Swiss partner in the project. Football-leaked documents, combined with legal acts, as the French media portal "Mediapart" could see, clearly shows the "Rybolovlev system", why the corruption investigations are under way. Whether the case against Rybolowlew was triggered by the Football Leaks research is open. Investigations were ongoing.

«Very good wine»

For Christmas, Rybolovlev made many statervers happy with "very good wine for the gentlemen and champagne and chocolate for the ladies". On top of a list of names of recipients 2013: "Son Altesse Sérénissime le Prince ALBERT II" and his wife Charlène. The gifts failed to get effect: "I'm moved and embarrassed at the same time," said one of Albert II's closest partners on Christmas Day 2013.

AS Monaco Games came to a rendezvous with the public administration. In July 2013 a list of almost 100 people was sent to a stadium ticket. 66 seats were intended for government offices, 26 for the "palace". For a break in May 2016, the premiere of the Monegasque government flew in private jet by the main sponsor of AS Monaco – accompanied by his son. Prince Albert II was also invited by the Russian oligarch, for example, the summer of 2016 on his superjakt outside Corsica – including a helicopter flight to Portovecchio. In an interview with EIC, the prince now claims: "I have never spent several consecutive days with Mr. Rybolowlev." The meetings were always "punctual".

Proximity to investigators

Geneva-based art dealer Yves Bouvier is following the current developments in the prince with great excitement. Because he sees himself as a victim of the local Klüngelei. Bouvier is in conflict with Rybolowlew. Russia accuses him of selling artwork at affordable prices, cheating on him by hundreds of millions. At the beginning of 2015, Rybolowlew announced Geneva's art dealer. Just a few weeks later, the Monegasian police temporarily detained him.

Many documents show close proximity between Rybolowlew's people and the authorities conducting investigations against Bouvier. Rybolovlev's lawyer – a domestic Ukrainian with Swiss passport – maintained, for example, a lively SMS exchange with senior police officers, informed about the status of the procedure and thanked the police chief in an unnecessary and familiar tone for the "effectiveness" of the investigation. Former Justice Minister Monacos has already tasted the deal the job. A few days before Bouvier, he arrested a weekend in Rybolowley's luxury chalet in the exclusive ski resort of Gstaad.

Artisan Bouvier is now trying to make use of the hour. He requests from Monaco to immediately terminate fraud against him, as "Le Temps" recently reported.

Albert II has a simple explanation of the conditions in the Principality of the Principality. When asked whether the behavior of a part of the state apparatus is based on naivety or mediation, he answers: "Indeed, naivety."

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