Monday , March 1 2021

The Swiss women's football country has ended


Sport editor Turi Bucher missed World Cup qualifiers for the Swiss women's Nati.

Turi Bucher, sports editor

Turi Bucher

Turi Bucher

The qualification for the World Cup in France did not of course understand the Swiss women in Barrage against the Netherlands. The European champion is and is too strong for Switzerland, our players are too weak and weakened. Before the Swiss had survived the first barrier against Belgium with bad luck (and had not won in both matches as a winner), the World Cup participated in the last two groups against Scotland (1: 2) and Poland (0: 0). Although dominant dominant was, a Swiss match plan was not really evident in these games. Confused, the performances were too unstable.

Under coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg, Switzerland has for the first time managed to qualify for the World Cup (USA 2015 / one win, three defeat). Significant progress, continued development, and especially at the 2017 EM in the Netherlands, were not really visible and tangible. Switzerland was most likely unsuccessful in the group phase.

When Voss-Tecklenburg complained about the missed group victory in the World Cup qualifiers, Scotland and Poland are now only opponents on an equal footing, indirectly, she indirectly pointed out that she apparently missed the steps forward with her team. The fact that instead of winning the Cyprus Cup in 2017, an EM Preparation Tournament (with matches rated by FIFA at friendly level and where each team may make six substitutions per game), is not really positive convincing and calm down.

The Swiss women's national team is in no way nowhere after the missed World Cup qualification and finally rightly did not participate in the 2019 World Cup. What Voss-Tecklenburg can do as a coach will now be able to prove as a national coach of German women and must. There the pressure is extremely higher, in a much more uncomfortable environment, the eyes are much sharper focused on their work. Whether Voss-Tecklenburg's work has been overestimated by the Swiss Confederation will also show the future work of Green-born successor Nils Nielsen. However, for Nielsen, development work is initially characterized by reconstruction.

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