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Wish blocks rows of customer accounts for flimsy reasons

Bargain app Want to lock rows of customer accounts on flimsy grounds

The Shopping app currently wants customer accounts for questionable reasons. German consumer lawyers postpone the alarm.

With cheap goods from the Far East, the app has made it popular with retailers. However, purchasing and shipping are not always smooth. Several times we have already reported on the pitfalls in bargain hunting.

Now, the German consumer center Brandenburg is also complaining about unfair treatment of customers who use their right to return in the app. As reported by the Internet experts from the market watch department, the provider responds extremely indignantly to complaints – and casts customers without further notice if they repeatedly return goods.

This, on the other hand, is quite common because the quality of cheap goods from the Far East often does not live up to customer expectations or the information provided in the app.

This is how the lapse expires

"Your account has been marked with excessive refunds," the customer will be notified in such a case. How many reimbursements considers "excessive" is unclear. The provider does not make any statements. Based on user complaints, the Consumer Center assumes that even a single bad purchase can lead to an account suspension. founded the account suspension by saying that the customer abused the "generous refund and return policies". The background criticizes consumer advocates without any warning. The affected customers suddenly lose the opportunity to withdraw pending orders. Customer service is no longer available to them.

Customers must continue to spend money

Particularly Moderate: Desire encourages its customers to continue shopping despite blocking customer service on the platform. Because only with an unknown number of purchases, customers were able to restore the "good reputation" of their account and re-enable access to customer support.

"Customers run the risk of any order that Wish prevents them from exercising their buyer rights," criticizes the consumer lawyers. The legal situation in the EU is clear: "Whatever the reasons why blocked customers have returned goods, returns are generally allowed within 14 days by law," the German consumer lawyers explain.

In Switzerland, on the other hand, the right of withdrawal exists only if the seller gives it by himself. "Swiss legislation does not guarantee the customer a right to change their mind and return a product after an online purchase," the federal government writes.

Whether this will have consequences for is still unclear.

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