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With these four common books, you will never make a call worse

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Manche Hausmittel is a cousin of the year – they can see a sign in the long see. Which requirements you should be able to do better.

Everybody has said secret, about an affliction soon to bring them – or at the very least, symptoms were neck and head scumps, both of which were difficult to do. Do not allow all tips and tricks to receive an acknowledgment.

Acknowledgment: With this "helper", you can do everything bad

Maneures contain a heritage in the long run, the News Portal Focus was reported. Then one would sweat out the famous "Accolade" – a myth that is heart-warming. Celebrate "Erkältungs-Helfer" – the simple mind – in view:

1. Simply erase it

Search with heat bottle and obtain a warm scarf in bed: Your guess at a confirmation. A visit to the sauna on a daily basis will put a strain on the unheard-of journey. That tall air also benefits from the fact that a lot of better can be avoided – therefore better not in the sauna, if you want to know it.

2. Here's how to get that acknowledgment

There is only one thing that swallows up alcohol during cold sores – but warns: Alcohol weakens an irritant immune system, and especially because of the body's fluidity, which it needs, to fight against a confirmation. Also warm beer – one of the most important in Bavaria is believed to be "health recipe" – does not say goodbye to acknowledgment. Other alcoholic beverages Beer: The content of the contained Hopfens works scuffle – and even the most important Heilmittel is in the cold.

Who sakes you up for?

3. Hot Milk with honey at home

Often there is one acknowledgment with dogs. Then the Hausmittel is happy to welcome "warm Milch with honey": The alleged Schlummertrunk directs the Schleimbildung in rachen, was the houses even more intense. Do you prefer Anis or Thymian tea to your home?

Reizhusten? For this reason Schokolade works better as a house juice.

4. Antibiotics

Antibiotics work only if one has a bacterial infection. In the case of a cold sores, apes are most common in a viral infection – here antibiotics do not cause any damage. As you become more sensitive to antibiotics, the greater the risk of bacteria resistance rising to the middle.

Which, in the meantime, freely gets rid of the call every day, read here: The next recoupment case rolls into – home gear & drugs, which make you quickly fit.

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