Tuesday , November 24 2020

823 artillery battles on world history to maintain "a China" for anti-usa – tvb news

823 artillery fighting on the mainland history to maintain "a China" for anti-US TVBS News

Today is the 60th anniversary of the 823 artillery, for the battle of that year has the two sides of the strait their own interpretations. The mainland has so far pointed out that from the time the decision to start the trembling to the final change to singles and doubles is one of the main reasons for stopping the US. Intervention in cross-border relations requires that we withdraw from the golden horse and completely separate the mainland from Taiwan into two Taiwanese trials. This historical interpretation has also been on mainland TV television drama a few days ago. On the mainland CCTV TV drama tale: "At 17:30 on August 23, 1958, our army bombed the islands like Kinmen with fierce artillery." 823 artillery fight was the first day the people's liberation army history was recorded, just the first day Launch 31,757 shells, the question is, why do you want to fight? The mainland is the first to protest against the United States' involvement in the Middle East, and more importantly to prevent Taiwan's independence. The narrative of CCTV drama on mainland China: "The United States has repeatedly established two Chinese conspiracies in international conferences and economic activities. The intention of the Americans is to separate the relationship between Taiwan and the mainland from geography and politics and to realize the two. Not afraid of ghosts, so we bombarded the Golden Gate Matsu. "On the eve of the 60th anniversary of the Artillery fight, mainland television removed a war motif with the television drama. Regarding the firearm, gradually declined, we stated that it was because the US help 8 arrives at the Golden Gate, reversing the situation and keeping the Golden Gate, the mainland has different interpretations. The story of online media on the mainland: "On October 25, Mao Zedong and told Taiwanese compatriots that the two parties would stop the bombardment of the airport terminal, the beach and both days and then further developed into a single double stop The mainland side understands that not taking the golden horse is letting the Taiwan side maintain a close relationship with the two outer islands close to the mainland, rather than cutting off transverse links that the United States had hoped 60 years later. Pages have different interpretations of this story, …

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