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Banjie was exposed to "follow 5 women at the same time" where engaged is in it. The actress shouts: scum paint! | Entertainment | NOWnews Today's News

▲ Ban Jie has exposed 5 women once. (Figure / Flip YouTube, 2018.11.14)

In May of this year, 35-year-old artist Banjie asked Cindy, a 27-year-old foreign Chinese girlfriend who had been in contact for two years. He recently announced the show "Little Stars and Big Classes". At that time he also spoke with four women when he was in relation to his fiancee. Love, now all the guests are surprised, but also admire Cindy's acceptance and tolerance!

Banjin's "Men's" & # 39; Sanctuary Competition "program, he said he used to interact with five girls in the past. He thought he was too special to find true love, so his friend recommended him to read a book, "Rational Men". Named that he had to interact with five women at a time, two of whom had to be together for more than half a year, and the other 3 could be replaced so that the shopping expert was dumbfounded: "It's too bad, I think not that it's love, it's Slagman! "

Banjie said he really did the same in the book that he met five girls at a time. One of them had been in contact for more than half a year. He was caught by the other party. "There are different colors of hair at home." The book teaches him to be honest and he also shows with the other party. She had 5 contacts, and the woman also said she did not mind. Finally, Banjie decided he would disconnect other girls and seriously associate with her, his current fiance Cindy. Banje's special way of loving, even the values ​​Sandy said: "You can see how ridiculous you are!"

▲ Banjie is about to enter the auditorium with 27-year-old Thai foreign Chinese Cindy. (Figure / Flip Photo Book, 2018.11.14)

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