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Bulletproof original explosion T-shirt storm wave is enlarged. Predecessor Dong Bang Shino dynasty sweeping typhoon tail | Entertainment Star News | Sanli News Net SETN.COM


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The "BTS" Bulletproof Youth League's original T-shirt concern continued to burn in Japan. Recently, the brokerage company "Big Hit Entertainment" has finally broken the silence and publicly excused. The surrounding Korean group, however, became unreasonably affected, known as "forbidden by the Korean order". In the Japanese version, many wear t-shirts have also begun to come out of the field. Originally believed that the popular women's group TWICE will be implicated, but according to Japanese media reports, the real most affected, but the forefathers of the Japanese market for many years, Dong Bang Shin Ki.

▲ Dong Bang Shin Ki soon launched the Japanese original album "TOMORROW", and the original red and white voices were very high. (Fig / avex taiwan)

Recently, the "BTS" collision-proof youth group's original explosion T storm, the Korean member of the TWICE twist duo Xian, dug up when wearing a T-shirt that supports the comfort women was questioned by some Japanese netizens' anti-Japanese behavior , asked TWICE to withdraw from the annual "Red and White Song Contest" event.

▲ TWICE was almost affected by this wave of T-shirts. (Figure / flip from TWICE Facebook)

But since TWICE is not affected by Japanese and Taiwanese multinational members, it will be on the "Red and White Song Contest" for two consecutive years, and will be held in Osaka, Tokyo and Nagoya Dome, starting next March. At the four concerts Dong Bang Shin Ki, who was also optimistic about the red and white, suffered from the incident. They were especially the "pure Korean group" and therefore lost the election. It shows that Japan is getting more serious about "Kicking Korea" and many K-POP fans. It is a shame that the Eastern God has been involved with innocent people.

▲ BTS original explosion T-shirt storm caused them to be removed from "Red and White Song Contest". (Photo / reporter Qiu Rongji Photography)

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