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Cecilia Cheung's wedding dress, netizens are all played – China News Network

Cecilia Cheung's wedding dress, netizens are all played | Huashi News

Cecilia Cheung postponed a wedding photo that causes netizens to record (turn Cecilia Cheung IG)

Wu Nanda Comprehensive Report / Hong Kong

Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung late evening on February 9, there was no warning about the IG to get a wedding photo. Many netizens were surprised and blessed, but when everyone thought that Cecilia Cheung was married to her third son's father, I saw in the Po text: "Don't do that, the old boy (for the sake of Hong Kong dialect), our brand will design wedding dress headgear, please do not look at the picture. " Advertising the new products of the clothing brands they run is not a flash marriage.

Cecilia Cheung gave birth to her third son, "Little Prince" at the end of last year. However, her father's identity has always been kept secret, and even his son followed his surname Zhang. The previously exposed birth data did not record the father's column and caused many net citizens to speculate.

On the fifth day of the fifth day (February 9), Cecilia Cheung's wedding photo on IG, after netizens found out that it was a fight, said: "I almost thought you were married, hi! must be happy ", more netizens It is pointed out that this image is still in the movie" Out of Control and Ghost Speed ​​"that was not released in the beginning.

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