Sunday , November 29 2020

Grab the focus market! Xiaomi Redmi, Black Shark 2 debut | Apple Daily

The rise of the mobile segment market, the Chinese brand factory Xiaomizi brand red rice Redmi and the investment of BlackShark (BlackShark) today, the new machine will be launched simultaneously, Redmi will launch a thousand yuan (Taiwanese currency about 4,500 yuan) within it Invincible Redmi 7, and Black Shark game mobile phone 2, which specializes in gaming phones, will be "King of Control" and will bring its own "vibrato" app in the game world.

Xiaomi has already sold the largest national rice red rice field and was labeled Redmi. Today, Redmi's new machine, Redmi 7, will be officially launched. Xiaomi founder Lei Jun will not forget to promote the products. He thinks that thousands of yuan (Taiwan $ 4.500 yuan) The invincible Redmi 7 will give users an imaginative experience.

Xiaomi's investment in Black Shark 2 will also be unveiled today focusing on high-end gaming phones. Black Shark 2 will have Qualcomm 855 processor and liquid cooling 3.0 function, special sports car shape, independent imaging chip to take full DC dimming There is a host mode, a handheld mode, and Black Shark 2 feels totally gaming console.

Lei Jun also pointed out that Black Shark 2 controls the iPhone, and King of Controls has launched a self-destructive APP-Shark moment that can be called "vibrate" in the gaming world. It opens to see the amazing moments that various players kill. Can also learn a variety of operations. (Chen Chen / Taipei Report)

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