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SHARP AQUOS R3 for sale $ 22,990,8 / 21 Available – Page 1 – SHARP Discussion


We mentioned in the new Motor Bulletin article in August that there will be many flagship machines launched in Taiwan this month; former Samsung's Note 10 announced it was listed on Taiwan on August 23, and Japan's Sharp is not too much. On August 21, the flagship mobile phone will be launched with its 120Hz Pro IGZO display: SHARP AQUOS R3, with a suggested retail price of 22,990 yuan, which will be sold in the Aurora market.


In addition, SHARP also announced that it will launch a "starting national machine" SHARP AQUOS V with S835 processor in the fourth quarter of this year, but the actual machine will not appear at the venue.

SHARP AQUOS R3 for sale $ 22,990.8 / 21 Available - 1

▲ SHARP AQUOS R3 is available on the 8/21 platform.

Water drops, goat

Unlike the previous flagship Zero, which uses a plastic box, the R3 has not been sold lightly as a point of sale. It uses the flagship model, the more common 3D tempered glass with metal frame as cabinet material, only black. department. It has the biggest feature in design (but not necessarily the highlight), it's its "drop of water" and "goat goat".


The R3 uses a 6.2 inch Pro IGZO display with a resolution of 3120 x 1440 pixels, it has a drop shaped front facing camera at the top and a semi-elliptical hole located at the bottom edge of the screen. The front fingerprint reader, so it presents a very special design with a notch at both ends.

The lens before the water drop is very common, but why is there a fingerprint reader for this "goat goat"? Sharp said they think fingerprint reader is the best on the front, but now there are screen fingerprint identification solutions, but in terms of recognition speed and accuracy, it still can't compare to the traditional capacitive fingerprint reader, so they still adopt this approach. In addition, this fingerprint reader can also be used as the Home button. In the setting, the fingerprint reader can also be turned on. If you slide left to return to the right, you can switch to the previous app. If you hide the software navigation button, As long as the fingerprint reader can replace most of the features of the Android Sambo button.

SHARP AQUOS R3 for sale $ 22,990.8 / 21 Available - 2

▲ There is a 16 million pixel F2.0 front camera at the top of the water drop opening and the equivalent focal length is approximately 25 mm. In addition, that part of the earpiece is also a speaker, so it has a dual speaker.

SHARP AQUOS R3 for sale $ 22,990.8 / 21 Available - 3

▲ A small groove is also dug at the bottom of the screen to place the front fingerprint reader.

SHARP AQUOS R3 for sale from $ 22,990.8 / 21 - 4

▲ Fingerprint reader can support sliding function. If you are not used to it, you can also call the original return button and multiplex button.

120Hz Pro IGZO Display

As mentioned earlier, the R3 has a built-in 6.2 吋 Pro IGZO display. There are several important points of sale. First, it supports 10-bit HDR, has 1 billion colors in color rendering properties, and supports Dolby Vision / HDR / HLG. HDR-content format; the screen brightness has doubled compared to the previous generation R2.


Another selling point is that the R3 monitor can support the 120Hz screen refresh rate. Therefore, during system operation or the supported app, the dynamics will be smoother and there will be no residual image. If the mobile game supports 120Hz display, it can also be used. Open in R3 for a better gaming experience.

In addition, since the R3 supports IP65 / IP68 waterproof and dustproof, Sharp has also designed the "wet finger touch" feature on the screen, even if there are water drops on the screen or your finger has moisture, the screen can be operated smoothly.

SHARP AQUOS R3 for sale $ 22,990.8 / 21 Available - 5

▲ Built-in 6.2 吋 Pro IGZO display to support 10-bit HDR.

SHARP AQUOS R3 for sale from $ 22,990.8 / 21 - 6

▲ The 120Hz high speed display feature can be turned on or off in the system settings or customized in the app unit.

SHARP AQUOS R3 for sale from $ 22,990.8 / 21 - 7

▲ As the Japanese notice privacy, the mobile phone also adds the "Peep Prevention" feature. When turned on, there will be a colorful pattern on the screen. It's less apparent when you look at the screen from the front, but it will be clear when you see it from the side, so it can prevent others from seeing. Information for your phone.

S855 processor, 3200 mAh battery

In other specifications, the R3 uses the Qualcomm S855 flagship processor with built-in 6 GB LPDDR4X RAM and 128 GB UFS2.1 memory. It can also extend the maximum 512 GB microSD memory card through a three-choice two-card slot. In addition, the phone has a built-in 3200 mAh battery capacity and supports Qi wireless charging up to 11W.


A separate "page shortcut button" is located on the side of the phone. It can be called the Google Voice Assistant by tapping the preset mode. The user can also customize the button for short press, long press and press the settings. Two actions you can open any app separately. Additionally, this button can also be used as a camera mode shutter button.

SHARP AQUOS R3 for sale $ 22,990.8 / 21 Available - 8

▲ There are separate shortcut buttons on the right side of the phone.

SHARP AQUOS R3 for sale $ 22,990.8 / 21 Available - 9

▲ This button can be set to short press, long press or press twice to open the app.

SHARP AQUOS R3 for sale $ 22,990.8 / 21 Listed - 10

▲ There is a three-choice two-card slot on the other side.

SHARP AQUOS R3 for sale $ 22,990.8 / 21 Available - 11

▲ The volume and power buttons are also set to the right.

SHARP AQUOS R3 for sale $ 22,990.8 / 21 Available - 12

▲ At the bottom are USB-C ports, microphones and speakers.

SHARP AQUOS R3 for sale $ 22,990.8 / 21 Available - 13

▲ The phone still retains a 3.5mm headphone jack.


Camera video dual lens camera

The SHARP AQUOS R3 is a very "fantastic" mobile phone, not only is the screen special, but the camera is special too. The R3 features a dual-lens head camera design that includes a 12-megapixel OIS shock-resistant F1.7 "standard lens" and a 20-megapixel 125-degree ultravid angle "film-specific lens"; In short, if you take a still image, you can only use this 12 million pixel lens. If you are shooting, you can switch between the two lenses to form a special "camera dual lens" setting.


In response to this special dual lens design, Sharp also added two AI-related features to the phone: "AI Live Story" and "AI Live Shutter", "AI Live Shutter" is in the video recording process, the phone automatically passes AI Capture better composite photos through the standard lens, while you record the movie; "AI Live Story" automatically filters the scenes with a smile or better composition through AI and automatically adds background music and special effects Generate a 15 second movie.

SHARP AQUOS R3 for sale $ 22,990.8 / 21 Available - 14

▲ The R3 uses the “Camera and Video Double Lens” setting, with the video lens on the top and the standard lens on the bottom.

SHARP AQUOS R3 for sale $ 22,990.8 / 21 Available - 15

▲ The camera supports 9 AI auto scene modes.

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