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Taiwan stocks continue to end to reverse the variables in US-China trade if there is a turning point | Industry News | NOWnews Today News

▲ Taiwan shares fell 29 points at the end of November 16, with a gain of 0.37 points, a decrease of 0.3%, with a turnover of 116.5 billion yuan. (Photo / NOWnews Today's News Profile Photo)
▲ Taiwan shares fell 29 points at the end of November 16, with a gain of 0.37 points, a decrease of 0.3%, with a turnover of 116.5 billion yuan. (Photo / NOWnews Today's News Profile Photo)

The US-China resumed the dialogue and encouraged US stocks to recover. Taiwan's stock market became red on Friday (16th), ended at 29.37 points and closed at 9790.09 points, and the week-end closed to 116.57 billion yuan. The credit industry said that uncertainty in the choice of Taiwan stock market is not affected, and the US stock market recovery is unclear. Under the limited visibility, it is difficult to show results. The reverse of the variable is whether trade between the US and China has a turning point. If there is further reconciliation, it may be the stock exchange. Mainly bullish.

Cathay Pacific Futures said that, considering recent corporate trends, foreign investment is relatively high and some share prices are over-bought. However, the observation of foreign-owned shares still shows a conservative operating pattern with a higher proportion of financial shares due to the current international equity market. Observed, financial stocks are relatively resistant and foreign funded super electronics are mainly concentrated on panels and berths. The common feature is that the stock price ratio is extremely low and the risk is relatively low. The space of the aircraft also has the character of low stock price. There are many operations, but buying more stock is relatively conservative.

The letter's latest function is relatively conservative, but the proportion of electronic groups in the shares purchased by the letter is relatively high, but it is concentrated on panels and transporters that foreign investors buy, and there is also a low distribution ratio for the packaging and testing industry. Overall, risk awareness is still high. Both domestic and foreign investors have purchased the parent group as the main source for over standard. It is proposed that the short-term business can be conducted with legal personality in relevant ethnic groups.

Liao Zhehong, head of Allianz Taiwan Science and Technology Fund, said that the key factors affecting the latest trend in Taiwan stocks were the third quarter results, fourth quarter prospects and the trend in US stocks. As regards the result of the current announcement, the net increase for listed companies increased by 11.9% in the third quarter and the annual growth rate was 0.04%, which was lower than expected. The main reason is that the performance of the upstream industry and the financial industry in the electronics industry is not as good as predicted.

Liao Zhehong said that including the Q3 quarterly earnings outlook, Q4, US-China trade and long-term changes in the US stock market, when local elections are imminent, the uncertain factors before the election suppress Taiwan shares to be around 9800 points. Ending pattern.

Looking forward to the market theme, Liao Zhehong said that iPhone sales performance is still the main observation indicator. Although there are no positive news releases, when the stock price drops, the value of medium and long-term investment arises. Instead, it is suggested that you wait for an opportunity to start looking for attention. Long term layout options.

Regarding the latest oil price volatility, Allianz Taiwan told Dam Management Fund Manager Xiao Huizhong that the crude oil is lower and the market's investment in commodities can be suppressed. During the first half of the year, the shipping industry and the plastics industry, which are subject to the decline in crude oil due to high crude oil, are expected to benefit.

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