Sunday , June 13 2021

& # 39; The Kriengkrai & # 39; Knock Knock Knock & # 39; Diamond Emerald & # 39; Raise 2!

The Kriangkrai Singmawin came to kick the punching leg before punching his knees into the Diamond Emerald 99 until the stopper dropped to let the referee knock only in the second round of the Truth Four U. Friday Boxing + Top 99 at Lumpini Ramindra Boxing Stadium Friday On August 16 since

"True Four U Friday Boxing + Top 99" Friday, August 16, 2019 at Lumpini Ramindra Boxing Stadium, organized by "Sia Tang Tang" Piyarat Wachirarat Rattanawong + "Hia Tee Thit 99" Sorasak Sae Tang Master is a meeting between Diamond Morakot Thet 99 (red) meet The Kriangkrai Singmawin (blue) inCoordinates 136 (133) pounds, statistics have never been met

First round, Diamond Emerald 5-4, Raised 2 The Kriangkrai Kick kicking, punching, punching before getting a full stroke until Emerald diamond Leaves a long bed to make greatly enlarged Win only in the 2nd round.

Other match results
Phet Suan Chan, S. Chai Charoen Win points Phaya Noi S. Pure
White Rose S. Chai Charoen knock on December small ball park Raise 4
Laem Pho Alumni, Khun Wasan Win points Phet Phanat, Anuwat Gym
PhD, A. Bua Lert knock on Eakmongkol A.Anuwat Gym Raise 3
Singha Chokthawee Oil Dome Find knock Close In-In, Saber Run Sarakham Raise 5
Bangkhla Noi Sakchai Choti Win points Saen Ek Bang Bang Kadi
Distinguished S. Phet Udon Win points Anawat Nattakin fish

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