Friday , December 4 2020

A. Energy gives EGAT the opportunity to stimulate the price of oil palm Increasing the use of 1,500 tons of electricity a day

The Ministry of Energy awarded EGAT to absorb the amount of raw palm oil. Increasing the use of palm oil to generate electricity at Bangpakong Power Plant, Chachoengsao Province, from 1,000 tons a day to 1,500 tons as soon as possible and in view of the raw palm oil acceptance pot in the Surat Thani Province warehouse. speed up payment to the extraction plant within 7 working days

Dr. Sirichiraphongphan Minister for Energy (Ph.D.) press conference to increase the use of palm oil to generate electricity at Bang Pakong Power Plant Chachoengsao Province And consider adding extra shopping points for palm oil by having Mr. Kulit Sombatsiri, Minister of Energy, Wiboon Aeksirathai, Governor of Thailand's Electricity Generation Authority (Thats) Thawatchai Chakphaisan, Vice President EGAT Fuel and Mr. Thepparat Thepitakit, Deputy Director for Renewable Energy and Power Plant Development EGAT provided information at the meeting room 201, T.T.T. 100, EGAT headquarters, Bang Kruai District. Quezon Travel

Dr. Sirichiraphong Panaromphon said that the Ministry of Energy from the government's palm oil balancing program has awarded EGAT to buy raw palm oil from palm oil extraction plants for production. Electricity at Bangpakong Power Plant Finally, the National Palm Oil Policy Committee (MPC) adopted a resolution on March 13, 2019, which was awarded to the Energy Ministry for Energy by increasing the use of raw palm oil to generate electricity from 1,000 tons per day. The production capacity is 1,500 tons a day to accelerate the absorption of raw palm oil from the system faster. Which will help increase the price of palm fruit and ask EGAT to increase the amount of raw palm oil received at Surat Thani province rapidly It is expected that farmers will be able to sell crude palm oil at a price of 3 baht – 3.2 baht. . Kg continuously.

Mr. Wiboon Aeksirathai, Governor of EGAT, revealed progress with guidelines to increase the use of raw palm oil. In the power generation of Bangpakong Thermal Power Plant Unit 3, this EGAT is currently requesting a license to support the increased operation of the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) of EGAT's technical testing of the system to support the increase in the volume of Raw palm oil used to produce 1,500 tons of electricity a day. Which can be used by the end of June 2018, which is about 2 months faster than originally planned at the end of July 2019

With regard to the purchase of palm oil, there are 31 suppliers of crude palm oil for EGAT, a total of 155,000 tonnes. EGAT has already entered into a joint agreement with suppliers of raw palm oil totaling 126,000 tonnes. The remaining 29,000 tons of contract volume and between the internal trading department announce 5,000 tons, which will make 160,000 tons. 42,000 tons of electricity using 1,000 tons of electricity a day, including 34,000 tons of electricity used for electricity production (as of March 16, 62) and 118,000 tons of electricity. In addition, EGAT is. Considering adding additional shopping points to the Surat Thani province warehouse Which will speed up the payment to the extraction plant which has completed the billing document within 7 working days (from the previous 15 working days) in order for the palm oil factory to purchase the palm fruit from several farmers

Energy Minister Kulit Sombatsiri said the Ministry of Energy has coordinated with the Ministry of Commerce on the implementation of the purchase of crude palm oil from palm oil extraction plants. Using Raw Palm Oil in the Power Generation of Bangpakong Thermal Power Plant Unit 3 Continuously Helping Farmers The price of palm fruits is not less than 3 baht. Kg. According to government policy and thanks to EGAT, who responded to the implementation of the guidelines by the Ministry of Energy

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