Monday , March 1 2021

Alibaba Launches Thai Beads Sales on the Site Ali Express "GIT" is a pilot 50. Duangkamon -. modest child jpg.

Mrs. Duangkamol Jiambut, Head of the National Gem and Jewelry Research Institute, or GIT revealed that the institution has discussed with representatives of Alibaba. To promote jewelry and jewelry in Thailand, see the Alibaba affiliate website, the website, a site that allows merchants in China. Including from abroad. The products are sold to Chinese consumers and around the world. The institute helps to consider and recommend intermediary companies to work with AliExpress to choose products from Thai entrepreneurs to sell. "BWC will elect representatives who have entered the BWC program with representatives from AliExpress. Alibaba entrepreneurs will be open for sale." There are no fewer than 50 people in the area, "said Duangkamol. Alibaba says it has to register a company in China. And the AliExpress team will arrange staff who help with product and marketing in AliExpress. We are convinced that we will be able to open the market for Thai pearls and jewelry to the Chinese market. And it will also expand the market to others countries, because AliExpress is a website selling products to the world. Mrs. Duangkamol said that jewelry and jewelry in Thailand can be traded on AliExpress without cost and value. commission But the buyer pays a certain tax: 1. 8% customs. 2. 17% VAT and 10% commodity cost. And to send jewelry and jewelry to China. Will be freed from the FTA and if the product is in tea is more than 1500 Baht and weight not more than 2 kg (kg) and choose delivery. Standard Shipping is normal delivery, such as shipment via China. Post and Honking Duangkamol said that the Chinese tourist department in Shanghai had said the problem was tourists. […]

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