Friday , October 22 2021

Baht strengthens something. Next week, Thailand's GDP, 3-level trade with the United States, speaks.


"Baht strengthened slightly while the SET index continued to decline."

KASIKORN RESEARCH CENTER Baht's movement. Baht strengthened against baht at 33.00. Baht deteriorates for a short time. This week, the dollar strengthened. But baht strengthened in the second half, while the US dollar struggled to sell with expectations of an agreement. In addition, baht can be partially supported by the MPC meeting. (November 14). Although MPC will maintain interest rates at 1.50%, but there is a committee. More than that, look at it. Should raise interest rates in this meeting, the baht is stable in a narrow frame. By the end of the week, the market was still waiting for clarity about the BREXIT issues and US trade negotiations. And China close.

On Friday, November 16th, the baht was 32.95 against the 33.03 level against the dollar. On Friday

For next week (November 19-23), KBank estimates baht's movement at 32.80-33.20 baht per dollar. The household market focuses on Thai GDP in 3Q61, while major US economic data includes home building data. Order lasting goods. Used home sales in October Housing market index Consumer confidence index PMI (preliminary) November. In addition, the market may await the statement of senior officials in the Fed. Other major foreign factors include issues related to Britain's BREXIT negotiations with the EU.

The Thai stock market movement. The SET index was closed at 1,635.00, a decrease of 2.01% from the previous week, whereas average daily sales fell 4.76% from the previous week to 40.351.65 million. Down 2.60% from last week to close at 407.95 points.

The Thai stock market rose almost all week. Among the many pressures. Global oil prices continue to decline. MPC meeting The latest bicycle on the market was interpreted. In preparation for this interest rate hike, including the 3Q / 06 results from many listed companies, which is lower than expected. Foreign investors continue to be net sellers of Thai stocks. Throughout the week

For next week (November 19-23), KASIKORN SECURITIES Co., Ltd. the SET Index has a support interval of 1,625 and 1,605 points, while the resistance levels are 1.645 and 1.660, respectively. Thailand's GDP 3Q06, world oil prices and trade issues between the United States and China. Important US economic data include home building data. Secondhand home sales Order of lasting goods in October. PMI Composite Index (preliminary) for November and Fed officials, while other major foreign factors were the PMI Composite Index (November) for European and Japanese markets.

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