Thursday , December 3 2020

Doctors point out & # 39; Moyamoya disease & # 39; is rare, but should not be overlooked.

March 18th Dr. Somsak Anakasilp, Director General of the Medical Department Revealed that Moyamoya's disease is a type of stroke that rarely occurs and is rare in Thai people. There are reports of this disease in Japanese people. Which occurs in female patients more than 2 times the male age group from 6 years to 70 years. Found in children in the first 10 years, patients will have paralysis, paralysis, limb weakness, may have dizziness, headache, convulsions, unconsciousness Remember to reduce or forget There are abnormal limbs movement from the stroke Or caused by bleeding in the brain if bleeding in the brain has a high mortality Depending on the severity of the released blood And there is a chance of repeated symptoms if not treated What cause of the disease is still unknown Part has inheritance

Dr. Phairat Saengdisit Director of the Department of Neurology Said that Moyamoya's disease is a word from Japanese. Means the smoking group Which from the injection of a vascular color into the brain and then the image as a smoking group Caused by the abnormal thickness of the inner arterial wall of the carotid artery, the tip of both brains Which is an important blood vessel that transports blood to the brainThere is abnormal thickness of the middle blood vessel wall. Finally, stenosis and obstruction causes three main methods for the treatment of Moyamoya: 1. Vascular surgery that allows the feeding of blood into the brain by atherosclerosis. 2. Treatment for the use of antiplatelet drugs Depends on the nature of the disease and must be careful with bleeding in the brain Should not be treated with anticoagulants because it can cause bleeding in the brain. And drug treatment must be under consideration and close supervision by the doctor 3. Physiotherapy, rehabilitation, disability

the If the following symptoms are found, such as severe headache, weak or numbnessAcute on the face, arms or legs of any body Speaking veil or figure hard, dizzy, see the double image, go dizzying, hurry up to see a doctor immediately, because if you let the symptoms spread the chances of the brain missing blood or more bleeding in the brain And can be fatal


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