Sunday , November 29 2020

Fan Club, Mr. Napat, with Kriang! Where to participate in a good gang already

After being contacted for a long time, Mr. Napat Nueangsomboon another member of Where is a good gang? To be completed With members like Boy Pakorn, James Jirayu, Grate Warinthorn, Alek Theeradej and Pek Prem Natcha

He said he was honored to have the opportunity to join the band. Which he is willing to attend Because my mother followed him

So he was invited to join a good gang?

"Siblings are invited to enter the band via AIG. And then meet together at work Feel very honored to come in. Of course I do everything for entertainment. For entertainment fans"

As we locked ourselves up at another angle?

"Yes, the older boys are nice to unlock before playing the movie. It was more comfortable. The brothers and sisters taught him good things. With the name of the good gang (smile)"

Pig mother, okay?

"Mother, okay, if anyone follows her mother. Will see that mother follows Ijie, the brothers and sisters in the whole mother, he likes and trusts the brothers. Will there be a project together? Wait for the canal again When we meet, we gather in case of channel 3. "

Are you in the gang, do you also have a good waist?

"Well, you can't fight the waist. Like the latest dance work Hok cook hok song Every person is very willing James Chi's brother is great. I can't fight."

Next year he saw that he would try to get you up?

"If I try, I'm happy. It's fun. A year has been done once for fans that follow"

Waist molding practice yet?

"Practice in a month This year's event bounced off, right? Next year should be skipped (laughs)"

If you see this period, do you also promote the film abroad?

"There are now cows to promote. Now there are 13 countries that are beginning to feel that there are 4-5 countries that have already started to show. There are Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia. he greeted me I tried to print in many languages. Recently just down Vietnam Just released the first day Very happy that he appreciated our work. "

Considered successful? Play the first movie?

"Success in developing yourself better We feel the error can be solved. We feel happy About the contact page (smile)"

Do you want to be the first to succeed?

"We are very happy we intend to do the work. Thanks to GDH. The pig, Fern, helps each other. It came to 200 million. I did not expect numbers. It is an answer that people see. I know that There are 23 people looking at the numbers, indicating that there are people interested in watching movies, we are very happy, thank you very much, it's worth it, we sleep in foreign countries.

Does it affect our performance?

"I think it depends on the role. In every story I tried to develop the role. Because my mother taught me all the time, we work We grow up, we must evolve with not being in place"

Do you want to play with your mother?

"Oh … I secretly asked my mother if we played together. Mother can't tell playing together Probably more fun Mother doesn't accept work in the industry. Was invited to show the story of love over the stars"

Or because we want you to stay?

"He once asked him, he said, tired but as traveling in. Eating outside Mother is still happy. He was more concerned about my health. Money is not a problem for my family. Mother wants to take care of me more None know my heart. Take care of me as much as he is. "

Call it the family's pillar.

"Can call it But I work as a team time came out and was consulted as a team."

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