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Know Wifi 6, Mechanical Arm, Physiotherapy Help, Genuine Robot Arm And Many Technologies In AIS Digital Intelligent Nation 2019

Within the AIS Digital Intelligent Nation 2019 event, organized in early February. In addition to showing vision and content Interesting on stage In the exhibition, the technology that is organized together is interesting. And there is so much content that we can't keep all the details from work We therefore ask for content in the section that the team and Nui Phongsuk have experienced during the event to tell him.

Life Tour, AIS Digital Intelligent Nation 2019

It is said that the technology that AIS offers as NEXT G and Wifi 6 first

Anyone using AIS should know NEXT G, a 1 Gbps mobile network used to tie the speed between Wifi and 4G together so that 1 Gbps speeds can be used, but before that it can only be used on Android. Can be used on iPhone Just have a package that supports NEXT G and use the NEXT G app to activate it. It's easy.

And really new technology What is shown in this event is WiFi 6 Or WiFi 802.11ax that the IEEE sets a new nickname to understand more that WiFi 6 should be better than WiFi 5 (802.11ac) currently in use And must be better than WiFi 4 (802.11n). Of course, the power of WiFi is 6

  1. Increase maximum speed from 650 Mbps (Wi-Fi 5) to 4.8 Gbps (Wi-Fi 6)
  2. Helps control the frequency better in both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz regions for current units and IoT
  3. Increase stability in dense areas, such as in department stores, stadiums or concert halls.
  4. Increase energy efficiency This saves the battery on the connected device

AIS has teamed up with KT or Korea Telecom to show the speed of several Gbps levels to see in this event. As now, only showing KT's equipment to show speed Because the devices on the market are not yet compatible with WiFi 6 and will allow customers to experience Wi-Fi 6 on AIS DC by 2019. General Market Units will begin to support Wi-Fi. Fi 6 standards in 2020, which this year supported the chip Snapdragon 855 had to wait another year. Mobile phones should support WiFi 6 in general.

Assorted robots at the event AIS Digital Intelligent Nation 2019

Robot Mini Cargo

In this case, there are many robots to display. Robot Mini Cargo Robot helps go on documentsIt works through the 5G system, which makes it easier to document, send items in the building That can go to the stated target and can automatically avoid obstacles When the work is finished, it will return to the charging capacity. The mini-load robot will be tested in Chulalongkorn University -the area.

Lisa Robot Guide Take a look at the place It leads to different coordinates with facial recognition capabilities. In this case, AIS has developed the Lisa Robot to act as a guide to visiting tourists to visit the cabin. Visitors can click to select the interested fair from the folder displayed on the robot screen.

Doll Alex and V-Viletlet

Alex robot, artificial intelligence Be able to recognize faces, interact with customers Ready to deliver product and service information to customers At present, robot Alex has joined AIS SHOP employees in various industries.

Lisa and Huco

Huco robot arm To show the ability to work with the puppet Alex. When Alex received orders from customers, Huco scoop Popcorn served by Huco, a collaboration machine developed to be flexible, flexible and able to receive. know Can handle objects or workpieces accurately Below is designed to work with people By emphasizing the safety of working together

IRB-120 industrial robot

IRB-120 industrial robot Showing the Robot Arm's Ability to Control the Remote Control over the Network Helping People Don't Go into Dangerous Areas This time is a demonstration by playing games and choosing lucky boxes. The player will have VR glasses and use the robot's control keys to retrieve the lucky box to win prizes.

Intelligent physical robot

Intelligent physical robot Is a project that AIS collaborated with Chulalongkorn University To help the physical rehabilitation of muscles in the weak spot of paralysis and paralysis patients The highlight of this robot is that there are games that help attract exercise. Which usage skills will vary depending on the number of times that the training is ready to store the data on the slide system so doctors can retrieve the patient's physical data to diagnose in real time for more effective treatment As in the future will replace the lack of medical staff Now this is robot actually used at Chulalongkorn Hospital and Phra Mongkutklao Hospital.

Unmanned cars controlled via 5G

Autonomous car A joint development project between Prince of Songkla University (PSU) and AIS with cars can travel accurately and securely from one point to another through the use of the AIS network. Which unmanned PSU x AIS cars are now capable of

  • mobile phone
  • Communicate with Smart pole
  • Stop when you encounter obstacles
  • Take yourself to charge electric power yourself.

Which cars can be powered by themselves are important trends in the future that are likely to be widespread soon And is an important advantage of 5G at high speed and low waiting time

Play the right Kart car, but stick to the VR world (Cloud VR Go Kart).

One of the most fun shows in AIS Digital Intelligent Nation 2019 isLift the real Go Kart field, but play VR. If it is, the driver will always cover the glasses. In order to play in the virtual world MX (Mixed Virtual Reality) represents the potential for 5G that users can experience. Go Karting on the virtual world can be displayed on a screen like Real Time without the need for a connection. With any cables Because of the possibility of 5G in the sky area, the game makes it more fun

New airport solutions Start using at U-Tapao Airport

AIS also has business and software development. Which AIS development work is the system VDO Analysis Solution that can detect faces (face recognition) From the video of CCTV installed throughout the airport and alert immediately when you discover a suspicious person and the unauthorized object detection system. At the airport and warning when something goes wrong For example, when the bag is found at the airport for a while will be notified

There is also Utapao Mobile App Application for travelers through U-Tapao Airport Which view of flight and airport information such as Flight Info. The menu shows flight time information for both domestic and international flights, My Flight, a menu showing passenger flight information. With a notice of the remaining time before boarding and will change the color shown in the final call and can connect to the free Wifi at the airport as well

IoT innovation increases good health

When IoT Devices Enter People's Daily Life Beginning to Use Multiple Health Benefits Samitivej therefore created the Vital Sign platform by collaborating with the AIS to make health information between patients and doctors more connected. With an app that separates patients and doctors Which has many medical innovations in this event

  • Vital Sign Equipment that helps to check different values ​​Medical at home and sent to the hospital for medical examination at any time, such as heart rate, blood pressure, blood glucose etc.
  • Falling detection Innovative recording of falling cameras and intelligent systems It comes with artificial intelligence (AI) to alert the carer in real time

Falling detection

  • Samitivej Mobile Health Change Health Services With Mobile Innovation In response to patients and relatives, such as Samitivej Plus applications, the OR Tracking System (Samitivej PACE), the Mobile Surgery Tracking System, the IPD Tracking System, you can treat and schedule patient services. In on demand and Line @ samitivej with Chat Bot to answer health issues
  • Smart Pharmacy Innovation of reception – dispensing through intelligent dispensers Which can be easily identified, conveniently, quickly, accurately and safely, with a drug recommendation system by professional pharmacists online

Smart Pharmacy

Internet package for players

AIS Fiber also offers special packages for gamers. Because players, especially those who play games and throws, need a faster internet than normal. Which upload page should stop With a separate tube to play games without regular use Enables the internet speed for more stable gaming tasks Which will soon launch the package This application

Saran Phlohon, Head of Fast Broadband Business Management Division, AIS

With regard to mobile internet, AIS ZEED is upgraded with a mobile SIM card with packages that focus on teens lifestyle to access E-Sports experiences more conveniently. It will be ready to play unlimited games Don't Lose Internet Fees Includes Entertainment For Teenagers Whether watching movies, listening to music and playing social media, free for the Internet

And at the event, AIS also brings handsets that support games at best on the best network. Exclusive to AIS, ASUS ROG PHONE and Razer Phone 2 are shown.

Benjaporn Fighting, Marketing Manager, General Customer Group, AIS

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