Friday , December 4 2020

Liverpool made the wrong decision. Made the form to be a master

Liverpool made the wrong decision. Made the form to be a master

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"Reds" Liverpool can do something wrong already. Which has a significant impact on the team to win the English Premier League championship at this time …

Foreign news agencies reported on February 6 that Tim Sherwood, a former team leader "Golden Spikes Chicken" Tottenham Hotspur believes that "Reds" Liverpool made a mistake by releasing Nathaniel Klein, the right-back Englishman for Bournemouth on loan, with a loan agreement . Until the end of this season

Liverpool face unexpected problems when right-back Trent Alexander Arnold and Joe Gomez are injured. But decided to release Klein in January, which Sherwood considered a false decision.

"They have injuries, disturbances. Losing Gomez is a great harm to them. I think he is excellent and seems to have a fault in his injury. They treat him for a month. And said he had surgery. A horrible story. The release of Klein to Bournemouth was a great surprise to me. Why do you release someone you might need and Trent Alexander-Arnold? Do also hurt So your right back has a problem You have Milner who "He has to play there and try your best. He did it and was a great professional but releases Nathaniel Klein to Bournemouth. I think it's a big mistake for Liverpool." Sherwood said.

Nathaniel Klein

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