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Marmot … howling

Marmot ... howling

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At night in the southern forest area Often there is a screaming sound of howling The older generation will know what sounds are. But for a long time it rarely heard

Sound source Not a ghost or a forest But it was the scream of …

The southern language is called Phazong. It's a mammal. Shape as a flying squirrel But larger Can be found in Southeast Asia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. The western region can be found in the Kanchanaburi Forest, Eastern Region, Khao Ang Ruenai Wildlife Sanctuary. And the central south down south

Is the only organism in the genus Galeopterus. The skin is wrinkled. The eyes are large, red, small ears with 5 inches. The hair color is very diverse. Changed according to the environment, both red, brown and gray There may be lines scattered throughout the body with female men very similar, but men are darker in color.

Like living on a tall tree, you can eat trees, flowers at night, climb trees and slide longer than flying squirrels Perceived about 60 days, born every time the mother will raise the child by letting the stomach island on the tree. There is a membrane between the legs that acts like a cot.

The child will live on the breast milk until he is 3 years old so that he can separate himself from living freely.

When crying to find a few people like a cry And an ugly animal, ruddy eyes

"Banyan" is related to "mammals" in this mammalian breed.

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