Thursday , June 17 2021

Not with catchy mechanics! Unveils the tragic elephants before the Suzuki Cup.

It has been revealed that the Philippines hit the Thai national team. Fatigue before the Suzuki Cup 2018 competition.

On November 13, the Suzuki Cup 2018 football tournament became a criticism of the Philippine government. Cancel domestic flight The reason for the banana renovation. This is the time when the Thai national team travels to Manila to compete in the third match.

As a result, the Thai national team plans to reach Bacolod on November 19th to postpone November 20, which means that the slaughter elephants are less than 24 hours before Suzuki. Cup with the Philippines the following day.

"Big Tony" Kittisak Champacipipong It has been confirmed that this is a bullying of the Philippines, the Thai national team is tired and not completely resting before the race.

Big Tony, however, is convinced that this Thai national team's condition is appropriate. Do not be afraid of bullying. And clear to the game, of course.

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