Monday , January 18 2021

Note clearly !! "Derrick" flirts with "Thisa". A close friend is a matchmaker.

Pleated !! But still not a fan / pontoon … close friend is a matchmaker

Looking Forward "Derrick Prathom" flirted with the Morchite heroine, "Thisa" after the relationship. Progress, eat, come with friends and lean! Still Don't Think Private Go to a larger group, more comfortable

Delicious dark guy "Derrick in fullness" Clearly after the news that the person referred to the pleat The young woman's heroine Mo Chit "Thisavaritisa Limtham Mahisorn" Where this Derrick boy came out to accept the man who …

"There are several opportunities to talk to Thisa. Eating some food But joining with the friends band, very stiff, but try to be as natural as possible Which Thisa is sweet As for the future, what level of development will not be able to answer ? I gradually decline But insist not to think about eating together, of course. Ask for friends Go to a large group of peace of mind "

Which this job referred to the young man "Twenty Tourist Chet". Close friends, gangs and girls Waiting for a matchmaker But had no cheers Because friends can only help in that part …

Thanks. Pictures from Instagram: @punjanprama, @thivaritthisa

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