Wednesday , February 24 2021

Pat will open the offer that Benz will move or stop?

For a long time, it was a good time for me to meet my husband, Benz Racing, who is now back with his eyes but still separated. Many doubt the status of both that it is still the same.

Recently, the girl came to open her minds through the talk program on the channel one31, with Thanya Tanya and DJ Bokko as host.

Who's with me?

Pat: I'm just a Benz child. I do not love I understand him because: 1. He is away from the child for a long time. When he came back to play with the ball it would make him reach the ball. So in the eyes of the contest is the devil. It's a god who has everything.

I have not met for a long time. Then back to him how to correct. I have to live with my father?

Pat: I really do not want to live with anyone, I can not see my mom, I can not see the person I saw. That's why many. If you have any questions, please contact us. The race will not be enough. He finds us. But the baby girl But not enough to see her mother live. I think that should be so.

And how did you sleep with Benz? Because you did not go back to his house. Did not you come home?

Pat: First, we consider that we are doing our duty entirely on our own path. We have talked about this many times. This is Mercedes Benz's decision. And then everyone asked why Pat had not gotten up with him so late in the evening he came back. Pat, it feels like it's not a tragedy. When we give him a lift, we still have clothes to pull him back, it's not Pat.

And what is that?

Pat: That's Pat. Do you want to stay together or to divorce? This has not been answered yet.

It's a good idea to have a good relationship with your husband.

Pat: No, now, Pat and Benz have a good feeling. But most of it is about children. To give him a go is that we want to do for two children. We want both to do it for ourselves. That means that we are currently confused in the sense of quite a lot of both Benz and Pat, but Pat thought we must come to us. This is the only Benz that tries with us. If you think Benz is not okay, you do not want to be husband and wife. If we want to be a family, okay, we split the time. Pat to say that. It is not easy to paste the house at the same time. I would like to suggest that if we return to the same family, we share the time we live in a few days. How many days do I have to share what I did not have?

Now the status is really. What do we call it?

Pat: At this time, there are still parents, men and wives have to wait for Mercedes Benz. But it is safe. Are you daddy and mom? This is my first post. Pat was asked to be husband and wife so he said he was waiting. Waiting for him to open up, he will answer this question.

Is it just me?

Pat: Yes, Pat had not been able to repay him, but the last time he spoke was good. He spent two months. I have to tell the wife that I want to play with children, we tee to play with children do not need to send the ball home. Or have to play in school. You came and played in my house. At home I have I want to help him think about how he feels now. Like his brain. He had a wife I do not know what to do, but I do not know how to do it. Previously, Pat accelerated during the first months. What is the best way to do this? He said it when we got up. Do you like to push me? I do not know how to say it, then cut it off.

And now is the love you have for Benz the same?

Pat: As you say, wait for him to come back. We want to know that the return of our love will be the same? It's very remote. Pat took all Pats time to work with their children, but we used to think it should be good. If we live together 3 people, then we try to come back to him before we try to think before.

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