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Policy – & # 39; Invite & # 39; to Rangsit, Surat Screaming Suthep & # 39;

Sunday, March 17, 2019, at. 22.8.

& # 39; Invited & # 39; invades the reason in Surat Screaming Suthep & # 39;

March 17, 62 Reporter reported it In the middle of the night, on the night of March 16, 62, Chuan Leekpai, president of the Democratic Party's advisory party, spoke the campaign for candidates The 6 Democratic MPs in Surat Thani Province On The Ground Next Wang Tai Hotel, Mueang District, Surat Thani Province With more than 7,000 people settling in to listen to the scene at Mr Chuan

Sir. Chuan said at one point it The fact that Mr Suthep Thaugsuban created the Conservative Party in Thailand (RDP) made this election a race for 44 years before 1975. He received a new brother to be politician Kiat Meesak is the festival and in 1979 he helped Mr. Suthep campaign. As happy to have good people A good man came to work. Sir. Suthep used to be the secretary of the Minister of Trade and Agriculture. Can say that Mr Suthep is a good person A person And don't think about changing this word

But Mr Chuan said the Democrats never had problems with Suthep. Never thought you were out There is only regret that you are going out. When in the party The party has never chosen to be a minister of transport, so now he is a political mindset. But we still consider Suthep Kamnan Lek (Mr. Thani Thauban Suban) Jain (Mr. Chain Thaiphuban) Private Commitment Still our younger generation does not change. Because they never conflict

"You are not satisfied with Abhisit. Is a personal case When that is the case, there is no way to call back. How to ask But to be considered part of democracy, which makes Suthep grow Do not contest the party. To blame the party, like to curse your parents, not? Brethren Good children, even poor parents, should blame, if blame should blame the person, "Chuan said.

Sir. Chuan said that this government General Prayut Chan-ocha Dao, but bad politicians are not good, so the bad politicians are also good and the soldiers have every profession with good people And not all good If politicians are worse than good Why go to the polls ? And there is no benefit going to speak in secret that is nothing in the presence of 15 representatives requesting to choose Democrats

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