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Scientists' efforts to look for aliens with glowing creatures – BBC News, BBC Thailand

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The spider's fog or IC 417 glows green in images taken with infrared radiation from the Spitzer telescope.

Although humans are still searching for extraterrestrial beings, they do not exist. But researchers still don't try By offering new techniques to look for "aliens" hiding somewhere in space

Most recently, a biologist from Cornell University in the United States Developed techniques to find alien life By looking for signs "Biofluorescence", which is a reaction that some organisms respond to ultraviolet (UV) bursts from the sun

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Dr. Jack O & # 39; Malley-James Cornell University research team leader said Some types of life on Earth, such as deep-sea corals and some marine animals, can be enlightened. Using their self-defense mechanism, it absorbs and transforms harmful UV rays into a reduced wavelength until it is in the waves that the human eye can see as different bright colors

“If there are living organisms that have similar mechanisms on a planet outside a solar system, we know right away. When using a high-performance telescope to see the fluorescence in this way, ”Dr. O & # 39; Malley-James.

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Deep water corals can be glowing. By changing ultraviolet rays to light waves that the human eye sees

The research team used glow from deep-sea corals as a model. To calculate the intensity and color of the biological fluorescence that extraterrestrial organisms occasionally emit, including calculating the possibility of detecting a new generation of aliens using a telescope, which can be installed on the ground or in space

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Associate Professor Dr. Lisakal Teneger Head of Department Carl Sagan of Cornell University said “The biological fluorescence of extraterrestrial beings can be clearly seen. When severe UV outbreaks occur from nearby stars To the point that the light from the star that the Aliens lived and changed was observed. "

"Planets outside the Solar System, which are the main targets for searches with this technique. Below are stars similar to Earth and orbiting star type M, red orange with a relatively low surface temperature, such as the Proxima star discovered in 2016, which is nearby of the world and should be an important target for future exploration of space. "

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