Friday , October 22 2021

Seafood Restaurant The prawns burned 1000 baht each, the end of the story is 650 baht per paddle.


From the Win Winio Wario case, the famous author. National Literature Literature in 2556 and is a writer who won SEA Wright 2 times, has printed the face tricked at Hua Hin. After dinner you eat seafood at night. Ordered a lot of food, including prawns, burned 4 before ordering prawns as a bath price. But the deal does not tell. But when the bill is charged as shrimp up to 1000 baht per person, it gives a lot of meaning. The event has been through 2 months, as the news has already been announced. Read the news about the famous author's sharing experience. Chef chef on Hua Hin shrimp 1,000 baht

November 16th, Thanont Prapipat, Sheriff of Hua Hin Collaborate with nearby authorities to control the information and explore seafood restaurants on the Hua Hin night market. There are more than 10 restaurants with Prasobchai Poolsub, Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, Miss Pailin Pongpun, Deputy Mayor of Hua Hin, Jeerawat Prammanee, City's permanent secretary in Hua Hin. With the military, Hua Hin government. Check out all the fish restaurants.

The first visit was at the restaurant. The train has seafood, Mr Asapol Watcharathiwat personal information to the staff and refused, not the store, which is sure news. Because the business must weigh first in order for customers to decide. And choose what to fix it. The price is clear. The price of shrimp at many prices like shrimp plate 5-6, 500 baht, lobster 8-9 price of 1,350 baht per kilo, 10 baht per kilo price is 1500 baht per kilo, so there is no price per 1000 baht. The news is that this is so sad because the customer was fooled to not dare come again.

At the restaurant, OK Seafood. Mrs. Wichaaporn Wattanatana reported that 4 shrimps, each 1000 baht on it means that the store is not possible. The restaurant costs you everything in the menu. We do not fool because we have to live longer. The selling price is the standard price near the second store he sells. The news is a bit bad. I'm sure that if you shop at regular prices there will be no problem.

Meanwhile, Pearl Restaurant, Seafood Branch 1, is in Hua Hin Night Market. The information provided to the staff. Fish prices do not differ from other restaurants. Because the goods come from the same source. And confirmed that the store did not have shrimp at a price of 1000 baht.

Ms. Piyarat Thitipornkate daughter of Pearl Seafood. I open the heart of reporters. The news is not clear. It is said that it will happen over 2 months and then just post. And also to find the name of the store in Google. I do not see that their stores are fair. Then 2 branches have just had a newsfall. Each dish is 650 baht each. In that case, the restaurant agreed that the menu image and food served to customers did not match.

The latest has been revised and the deal has been fined according to the law of the regional commercial office. It says it is not possible for children to pay for food up to 6000 baht. The latest news is that they are not fair in the deal. For when the news. Online social networks that are directly related to their reputation. I do not know what to do or want to close the store to end. Feel sorry for what's happening. Because of the store's reputation.

Mr Prasobchai said that the province had not received a photo or a food bill from the victim. And did not specify the store name. Today there is a fish restaurant on the night market in Hua Hin. Of this, the province, especially Hua Hin, will need to take legal action at the bottom of each unit involved, jointly take action to ask the governor. Use administrative power to control, such as the brand price and clear weight. Including tax measures.

Thanon allow it. This will call all types of restaurants to meet the standard price and distribution in Hua Hin in the same direction. And have a reasonable price. To manage long-term problems. But if it does not, other legal action will be required.

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