Saturday , November 28 2020

SIM2Fly, annual package, travel around the world, worth Play full speed internet 15 GB for 1 year. Can not be used. It covers over 70 countries around the world.

AIS A leader in roaming services that meets the needs of overseas travelers to all groups of travelers with services SIM2Fly SIM roaming for all mobile users, more cost-effective, more economical, occupying number one travelers. According to the survey of the customer's roaming SIM usage behavior, there are some customers who travel abroad and apply for the package and use the internet without running out within the specified time. Or sometimes you forget to set up to maintain the SIM age caused the SIM to expire, unfortunately

With the understanding of customer insight at this time, AIS has released the first and only new SIM2Fly package in Thailand. For people who travel frequently, travel a lot and play the internet at full speed 15 GB, they can spend up to 1 year at a great value for just 2,799 baht. It can cover the over 70 countries on all continents in each trip. Can still be used to continue the trip during the year, how many trips will take care of? It is more convenient than having to wait to refill to maintain the SIM card age.

However, if customers use the Internet before SIM expires, may request additional packages, add additional days for each package at the most economical cost.

  • Pack 299 baht, play nonstop internet, full speed, 4GB for 8 days, available in 18 countries, Asia and Australia
  • Package 799 baht, play non-stop internet, full speed, 4GB for 15 days, can use more than 70 countries covering all continents around the world.
  • Pack 2,699 baht, full speed internet 15 GB for 1 year (from date of purchase). Available in over 70 countries covering all continents around the world.

In addition, SIM2Fly can be changed to eSIM for use on the iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max at AIS SHOP, all branches across the country, a total of 157 branches (except Suvarnabhumi Airport and Don Mueang Airport). Going abroad can use SIM2Fly, which is eSIM with the customer's primary SIM card. Without having to worry about lost SIM cards and not having to remove the primary SIM card

Customers in all networks can easily buy SIM2Fly from any AIS Shop nationwide and AIS Online Store. For more information, please visit or AIS Call Center, call 1175

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