Saturday , January 16 2021

"SolChar" opens the heart before getting "Manchester United" duel "PSG" 16, first team.

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"Ole Kunnar Solchar", the temporary manager of "Manchester United", the elite team Come out to open the heart before we came home "Paris Saint Germain" in the UCLA round with 16 teams, the first leg …

Foreign news agencies reported on February 12 that Ole Gunnar Solchar, temporary leader of "Red Devils", Manchester United, the team in the English Premier League, came to open their thoughts before coming home. "PSG" Paris Saint Germain in the UEFA Champions League 2018-19 round of 16 teams. The first game tonight at 3:00 am Thailand time.

It is understood that the local leader led by Olekunarzar Sharma's team is known as the best full team. And in good shape, winning 10 of the last 11 matches in each list Since the Park Derring team guestbook will not have Naymar groundbreaking world record, while Edison Cavani has Marco Weratti the opportunity to play in the game. This deal is pretty high.

Recently, Ole Kunnarzar Sharma said: "They (Paris Saint Germain) are one of the strongest teams in Europe. Revealed that he said they have three most dangerous crimes. But this game is different, without Neymar and Edison. Kawani is not sure Whether to play or not While midfield and quarterback players are also excellent, Thomas Tehals team can play in a variety of systems, so we cannot prepare specific methods, and we must concentrate on playing in Manchester United style if we can do it. What can happen? "

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