Sunday , November 29 2020

A healthier life with breast reduction aesthetics

It also causes the body's center of gravity to slide forward and camber. Large breasts can cause movements that are restricted and cause restrictions on clothing and appearance.

Aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery specialist Dr. Krükrü Writer, shared all the tricks about breast reduction aesthetics for us.

Large breast tissue may be related to the genetic structure or may occur due to overweight, birth and changes in the breast after breastfeeding.

The big breast also gives sagging. This increases the load on the back. The reduction process on the nozzle eliminates discomfort caused by size and can eliminate any symmetry problems.


Mammography or breast ultrasound examinations should be performed before breast reduction surgery is performed. Surgery is performed under general anesthesia. The surgical technique to be used depends on the shape and size of the breast tissue, the condition of the breast skin, the size of the body and the possibility of breastfeeding.

In breast reduction techniques to be used, care is usually taken to protect the nipple and milk ducts. The operation takes about two or three hours. The size of the chest to be reduced, ie. The size of the breast to be formed is determined by size, weight, shoulder and hip width.

After surgery

At the end of the operation, a special sports arc has been used. Patients can usually be given one day after breast reduction. Special waterproof strips are applied during incision so patients can take a shower the next day. They can take a shower the next day.

They can perform most of their daily activities two to three days after surgery. After a week they can return to work. In this type of nipple operation, it is generally used in its own melting seams and there is no need for seams.

The postoperative sports bra also helps ease the pain while helping to shape the chest so it is recommended to wear it for two months. It is very normal for a period of time to lose sensation in the nipple and chest skin after surgery, and this situation disappears over time.

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