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Answer "Vaccination Puzzle E in EÜTV

Ege University, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Pediatricians, Department of Pediatricians. Dr. Prof. Dr. Feyza Koç and General Pediatrician Professor Assoc. Dr. Asli Aslan answered the most frequently asked and curious questions in "The Riddle of Love".

Are childhood vaccines medically necessary? Vaccine causes more harm than good for children because of certain subjects? Are the families who refuse to take the vaccination with these suspicions actually putting their children in a serious danger? Why do some families refuse vaccination for their children? For years there has been no problem, but after the 21st century a topic is discussed suddenly.

Answer the question whether the vaccine should be done, assoc. Dr. Aslı Aslan, "Before the 2000s, there was a group against vaccination. The accusation of the people began with the relationship between vaccination and autism in the 1998 and 2000s. The first accused vaccine was measles, mumps vaccine. An article was published about this vaccine. The results of a 12-case study are reported as measles vaccines causing behavioral changes (atypical autism). The author of the article agreed with the families against vaccinations and the license was revoked from the author, but the effects of this view are still visible, and in 2017 a point to the rumors of the vaccines. system threatening disease It has also been published in many important medical journals, and there are no problems with several vaccines. There is an abundance of information about social media. It is not right to include personal stories that are shared on social media to society. Creates a negative opinion. There are too many anti-vaccines In groups, these groups affect society very much, he says.

"The basis of vaccines is the need for protection"

Determines the benefits of vaccination. Dr. Feyza Koç, "Vaccines need protection at the base. Why will we be protected? We will be protected from diseases." Protection mechanism by separating certain parts of the microbes by giving the body the vaccine, in the defense mechanism body, we provide the formation of a complete defense mechanism when we In recent years, we have moved to very advanced points, and we are talking about one hundred percent protection in the vaccines, for example, the cervical cancer vaccine is known to have a tolerance of 100 percent, and this is a very Hepatitis B vaccine is a very important vaccine. In children without hepatitis B vaccine, at least 90 out of 100 children have 50 and sometimes 10 have hepatitis B disease. And then we go to cirrhosis, and then we have to move these patients, and some of the adult liver transplants have not been protected against these diseases today, and cirrhosis has become v Hepatitis B vaccine, a process that goes up to liver transplantation, "he said.

Assoc. Dr. Feyza Aries, "The vaccination has no side effects, it's wrong to say. Everything can be a risk. Vaccines have temporary side effects." Fever, sleep and fatigue, "he said.

Provide information about the measles epidemic. Assoc. Dr. Feyzin coach "began with the appearance of measles outbreak in Europe. Today there is an epidemic like that in Turkey. We now have 665 cases in Turkey.

We not only protect ourselves, our children but also the community. Families get the right resources for vaccination. Because a child is a society. The important thing is not to discuss the vaccine is to reach every child with a health vaccine, "he said.

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